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About us

Front Porch News Hopkins County is the #1-ranked online news source for the greater Hopkins County, Texas area. We provide up-to-date happenings, photos of life, and current events in Sulphur Springs and surrounding communities. 

With our incredible 32,000+ social media following and easy-to-access website, we get news and content about our great community to more people. We have the combined reach of every radio station, newspaper and other news website in Hopkins County combined!

Online reach

  • Over 60,000 unique visitors per month
  • Clients receive 50,000+ ad impressions per month
  • Content promoted to 32,000+ social followers
  • Content receives 250,000+ Google impressions per month

Display advertising

Display ads are the most popular of digital advertising. They provide your brand direct visibility on FrontPorchNewsTexas.com. Each of our clients receives two different ad sizes that rotates throughout our site. 

Ad sizes

  • 728×90
  • 300×250

Ad placement

  • No confusing ad placements
  • All ads rotate equally throughout the site
  • Ads placed above, below and inside content
  • Ad system display optimized for mobile advertising


  • Negotiable
  • Ads continue until cancelled