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Saputo May Difference Makers

Saputo May Difference Makers
  • PublishedJune 13, 2024

Sergio Sanchez joined Saputo in 2016. During his tenure he has been in both an EQ support role and a EQ filler operator. He has also spent 3 years as an ESL blender. As an EQ Filler operator, Sergio exhibited passion in his work. His commitment to doing things right and making sure his fellow operators had the integrity he portrayed, Sergio was moved into a training role. He quickly set a training standard to follow and was advanced into an EQ Production Lead role. On any given night, Sergio will perform multiple duties from being a machine operator, lead and a trainer. He will selflessly volunteer to come in on the opposite shift to help in anyway needed in order for the plant to be successful. Sergio is honest and a straight forward leader. Please help me congratulate Sergio on being May’s Difference Maker. ~ Danny Strickhausen




Michael Wilson started his career at Saputo in May of 2021. He started as an ice cream blender and eventually moved over to blend whipping cream and half & half mixes. He quickly became one of the top blenders in the department and was promoted to commodities lead in May of 2023. Michael was selected to show-case blending in “A day in the life of a blender” video for incoming blenders, and has received an applause for his consistent ownership, dedication, and passion.


Michael uses sound judgement and precise planning when running his shift and reacts to commodity related issues efficiently. Michael remains poised during stressful situations and consistently works with high character and integrity. He maintains a positive attitude even when tasked with training new blenders in addition to managing his day-to-day responsibilities. I’m excited to have the opportunity to congratulate him on being a difference maker. ~ Cory Marshak



Clinton Crump started his tenure with Saputo in 2022. He worked his way through blending and the processors, excelling in troubleshooting and adaptability. In the last 2 years, Clinton has become an integral part of the Aseptic department. Recently he has taken on additional responsibilities and is broadening his expertise in leadership. Please congratulate Clinton on making a difference every single day. I look forward to watching his future unfold. ~ Chris Bullard





Congratulations to all of you and thank you for everything you do for Saputo! Each one of you will receive a Difference Maker Tee Shirt for a job well done! ~ Joe Wallace

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Chloe Kopal

Chloe Kopal was born and raised in Sulphur Springs, Texas. She attended Sulphur Springs High School for 4 years and graduated in 2021. She was also a line member for the Blue Blazes Drill Team for 3 years. Chloe is the Digital Content Creator for Front Porch News. Her love for our community shows through her work. She is very passionate about photography and has been ever since the first time she picked up a camera many years ago.