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Wildcats fall to Pleasant Gove in home district battle

Wildcats fall to Pleasant Gove in home district battle
  • PublishedMarch 20, 2023


Wildcat baseball season has officially started.  They had their first home opener on Friday night during Spring Break.  The Wildcats faced off against Pleasant Grove and fell in the five-inning game.  First inning the Wildcats were down by four. They gave the four runs to the Hawks and fought to get a man on base and home. With the last at bat Mathew Mitchell had a pop up, caught in the infield with no runners coming in, even though the Wildcats fought hard to make it happen. 

In the second inning Pleasant Grove had one run crossing home plate. While the Wildcats were still at zero with just one hit to put a man on base.

The Wildcats held the Hawks putting runners on base but not making the run to home. The inning closed out without either team rounding the bases to home.


After a pitching change in the middle of the fourth inning by the Wildcats, after five more runs in by Pleasant Grove. Coach felt it was time to adjust the game, Ty Robinson closed out the inning with no additional runs. The Wildcats had players on base but couldn’t connect the bat with the ball to bring the runs home.

In the fifth inning one run came in for the Hawks and a pitching change for the Hawks to start the Wildcats off at the bottom of the fifth. The Wildcats had two infield hits only to be thrown out at first base. The last batter fouled off and the game ended with the score 11-0 Pleasant Grove.

The Wildcats hope to work out their issues before the upcoming games.  The tournament pre-season started off moderately well for the boys. The players “are making too many mistakes, dropping fly balls and the pitcher is walking to many people,” commented Coach Hammock.  Since district started last Tuesday their first two games have proven to be a challenge.  One that we hope the Wildcats can overcome.

Submitted by: Allison Libby-Thesing


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