SpringWho among us isn’t thinking of spring?  As I look into the yard filled with green grass, sunlight, and lots of robins, it is difficult to imagine that it is only 59 degrees outside.  But since it was 75 degrees on Sunday, I guess our internal clocks are off a bit.

Maybe this is a case of willing spring into season rather than the calendar actually declaring that it is spring.I dream of loose cotton dresses, the warmth of the sun on my arms, and long days.  Even though most of us reading this can no longer celebrate being out of school for summer, I still get giddy this time of year for the feeling we all would get during spring knowing that summer break wasn’t far off.There are so many things I want to accomplish this spring, like cleaning out the garage and painting a few rooms.  Then there is the petit point footstool that needs to be put back together and a small storage container that needs staining.  And I have oodles of sewing projects waiting to fill long sunlit days.Flowers are on my mind.  I am buying bulbs and plants like I am starting my own nursery!  Last weekend I cleared my planters and readied them for what is to come.  I even got my raised vegetable beds installed after they sat in the garage for a few years.  I feel like this is their year to put fresh veggies on the table!Archie, our dapper Westie, even seems to have spring fever.  He won’t sit still.  He whines in an attempt to get us to take him outside for the golden hour.  He enjoys watching the sunset behind my dad’s old red barn.  And the cows…he enjoys watching them as well.  In turn, the cows are intrigued by the little white dog.  I wonder if Archie even has some plans for spring.I believe Leo Tolstoy was correct when he wrote, ”Spring is the time for plans and projects.”  My list is long, so spring should hurry and get here so that I can get started!