Old Home PlacesNot too far from me is an old home place which has long ago lost its actual house.  Now it is a pasture that I now own.  What gives away the fact that a home used to stand there are the trees grouped around where a house once stood and the fact that there are bulbs that still bloom each spring.I couldn’t help myself but to stop and take a photo of these paperwhites.  They look so out of place in the cow pasture.  There used to be lots of other beautiful flowering bulbs that would come up this time of year, but the frosts and snowstorms must have done them in.There also was a persimmon tree that we can no longer find.  It may have come to the same end as the other bulbs.  The bed of an old truck is still there, and I do not plan to move it.  It didn’t start out as part of my family history, but has now been woven in.  The last photo of my mom was taken by the relic as she clowned around.Long ago, I heard a tale that bootleggers would leave alcohol in a metal circle in a pasture, and the buyer(s) would collect and leave money in the same location.  I always wondered if this land had been used that way at some point.  There used to be a metal ring, maybe 4′ in diameter, close to the fence line, which would have been convenient for such a purpose.Another old home place that I own has an abandoned refrigerated trailer on it.  My nephew and I attempted to open it without success.  One of the family members said he would give it a try.  I just think it would be pretty cool (no pun intended) to see what it looks like inside.There are mysteries, stories, and long forgotten items at old home places.  Many have no value other than to the family that created them.  But it is always interesting to see what is left by a family who has moved on