Holiday Preparation

Take a deep breath.  We are going to survive this.Do you ever feel like that this time of year?  Maybe you LOVE the holiday season, but all the faff that goes along with it can be a bit overwhelming and overshadow the fun of spending time with the people you enjoy and love the most.We are heading into a time when some of us get deeply depressed, some of us spend too much money, some of fight hard to not overeat, and some of us just live in a daze for 2-3 months.  Whatever worries you about the holidays, I would recommend reframing or changing.  There is no need to create an environment to stress yourself out.Concerned about spending time with family or friends who get a tad on your nerves?  A plan of activities can help to engage you and help overcome that feeling.  Try going to the movies, long walks, playing cards, or singing carols. Worried you will eat too much?  Make a plan before attending a big family dinner.  Maybe you will need to take a plate to eat.  And maybe you shouldn’t walk by the dessert table. Concerned that gift giving will set you back on your budget?  Set a strict budget for yourself and/or your family and friends.  Homemade gifts can sometimes be the best gifts of all.  Canned preserves or chutneys are always a treat.  A small blanket or quilt will be appreciated and used.  And a photo album will turn into a family heirloom.  Gift giving shouldn’t be competitive; it should be thoughtful.Feeling a bit depressed about the holidays?  Maybe you should reach out to a professional now to help you prepare for the coming season. Or maybe leaning into the parts of the holidays you like and enjoy and avoid the other parts.  You can set your own limits.  However, you need to prepare now to avoid those feelings.Like most things in life, if you have a plan, you can avoid some big mistakes.  The thoughts shared have common threads which are to set your personal limits and take control of your feelings/time/money/etc.Let me be the first to wish you a Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year! You’ve got this!