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Shoulder to the Wheel by Dr. Juan Harrison

by Christian Dicus

Everything’s harder.  The malaise covering our country threatens to bring life to a crawl.  Having to deal with a pandemic for the last couple of years got us prepared for frequent shortages and limited services.  A roaring economy in our rearview mirror doesn’t help to remind us how good our quality of life once was.

America has long been the beacon light of freedom for the world.  People from all around the world still clamor for entry to our shores. For them our country still looks like a giant amusement park with unlimited opportunity as you choose from the vast variety of options offered to you compared to those of their former homes.  The locals have come to recognize the cracks in our foundations as options begin to shrink in our daily lives.

All things are relative.  It’s what you’ve become used to.  For most of us regular ordinary folks we’re fairly content with a decent place to live, good wheels, and enough to eat.  Many of us strive for more than just getting by.  Our country’s poor would be considered rich in a large number of countries.

As we’ve seen in friends and relatives who have passed, we often sat helplessly by as one body system after another began to shut down in domino fashion ultimately resulting in death.  Today our country is beginning to look like it too could be on life support.  Almost every single support system in our society is straining under the weight of increasing system failure.  Schools demonstrate poor performance as our students drop further down the world ladder in rank in math and science.  Small towns struggle to retain rural hospitals as healthcare becomes difficult to obtain and afford.  Taxes rise and services shrink in our cities.  Public safety is no longer guaranteed.  Getting a college education has become more expensive to acquire while the value of it is now being questioned by the public.  Churches struggle to survive as attendance drops nationwide and offerings shrink.

We face a lot more choices now—gas for the car or paying for childcare.  We may buy smaller or less at the grocery store but now spend more.  Credit card balances soar as interest rates rise as people try to get by for another week.

Where did it all go?  What did we do or fail to do to help keep the train on the track?  Did we trust those above us to look out for our welfare and then find too late we were let down?  It seems we have a lot more questions than answers these days.  America still has the basic tools to get the country back on track as it once was.  It does no good to throw our hands into the air.  We have to once more unite and put the shoulder to the wheel and get this vehicle off center and moving forward again.

By Dr. Juan Harrison



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