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Sulphur Springs 8th grade team opens season against Hallsville

by Tyler Lennon

The Sulphur Springs Middle School 8th grade teams traveled to Hallsville for their official season opener. The 8th grade teams worked hard and managed some passes and carry’s throughout the night.

First throw of the game from PJ Mollenhour was picked off by Hallsville for a turnover.

A tackle by 13 was the first defensive play, from Sulphur Springs. Hallsville pushed thru on the next play to make a first down. They continued to make the pushing drives and moving the line down the field by way of runners. Any passes made by Hallsville ended with an immediate tackle by the Wildcat defense. A fourth down move by Hallsville ended with a Wildcat tackle by Jesse Barrett.  Which returned the ball back to the Wildcats on their side of the field, and placed them in scoring position.The Start of the second quarter see Sulphur Springs #74 Reyes with a tackle to take Hallsville into the second down. 80 nice made a great tackle of the Bobcat runner for third down.

The Wildcats had posession of the ball once again and Max Patterson has the carry for the first down. Another hand off to Patterson for a run up the middle, good for another first down. A few snap issues with these Wildcats who are still learning leads to adjustments on the fly. The boys did well changing with the flow of the game and are tried hard to make it to the endzone.

At the start of the third quarter the game remained scoreless.  The Wildcats kicked off and Hallsville returned for 20 yards. Hallsville faked the handoff movement, which was good for a first down. An outside pass to the right and Ryan Helton takes him down to the ground, only giving up a few yards.The Wildcats took possession of the ball late in the third quarter and managed to eek out a first down. The quarterback retained the ball after the snap, made a run down the middle, and drove through hard for the first down. Brandon (46) grabed ahold of the hand off and pushed through the middle for another first down. On the third down drive Hallsville sacked the quarterback before he was able to get the ball off for the play. Another fourth down turn over by Hallsville was picked off from a nice 15 yard pass from Sulphur Springs.

The Bobcats continued to have a successful running game, leading to multiple first downs. Late in the fourth quarter Sulphur Springs had a turnover from a pass from the Bobcat quarterback. The ball was caught by number 37, Brett Rodriquez.

Quarterback Mollenhour had a successful throw and catch by 83 which brought the Wildcats closer to a first down. Another successful pass from Mollenhour to River Corley 15, resulted in a 25 yard catch, for a first down. Just 30 seconds left on the clock Wildcats throw for deep into the end zone, but fell short with a finger tip touch by Kaiden Conley right at the goal line. A missed snap resulted in a turnover for Hallsville, with 17 seconds left in the game.

The game ended with a Wildcat turnover caught at the Hallsville 10 with the buzzer making the stop.  These young Wildcats have great potential and will be back on the field next week to face off against Mount Pleasant at home.  You won’t want to miss that game.

Submitted By: Allison Libby-Thesing

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