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The transformation happened over a few days. The chic farmhouse with its former crisp white board-n-bat has changed to its current noteworthy solid black. It gives the office a more modern and contemporary look. A stark difference from what it once was. Ask any local what their thoughts are regarding the color change at Janet Martin Realty and you will get mixed opinions.

“I get some people who walk in and they just love the new colors! And then I get someone who comes and says, ‘What happened to that cute farmhouse white,’” says Janet, mentioning the last part with a smile and a shoulder shrug.

Either way, there is no denying the fact that the bold color choice makes a statement across the street from Starbucks. But inside, past the ruby-red door that pops against the dark walls, work flows with its typical buzz, its everyday real estate conversations, and a perpetual focus on clients’ needs. The outside building of Janet Martin Realty may have changed but one thing remains the same, the people who work there continue to leave a mark in Hopkins County.

Janet Martin Realty sprouted from the sandy soil and red clay of Hopkins County. A local real estate office with deep roots grounded within the local community. The gold scroll logo with its red star and black and white branding not only belongs to the office, but you could say it also belongs to all the people of Hopkins County.

Many of these agents have raised their families here. Sent their kids or grandkids to the public or private schools within the county lines. They attend local churches and serve on local boards. Some own farms and ranches which have allowed them to knowledgably guide clients in transactions of land sales. They not only work alongside those in the community, but they actively put their hand to the plow, so to speak, and are deeply invested in the people they serve. Perhaps that is why they take their work so seriously. They know firsthand how their actions, attitudes, and work ethic can impact the communities where they live.



Janet Martin Realty is an independent office of people who’ve had to build from scratch without a national chain or the accolades of national awards. Each agent has had to prove their individual worth through the hard-earned trust of their clients and repeat customer confidence.

“We’ve worked hard to really make our office stand out in the crowd. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people walk in or call because they see our signs all over the county and surrounding counties! It takes boots on the ground too,” explains Janet.

As neighbors to you and me, Janet and her team have kept the company as one of the top-producers, locally ranking up there with well-known national chains. But these agents will tell you in a hot second that their success really belongs to their client’s loyalty and community’s faith in them. Maybe that’s how, for 3 years in a row, their office has won Hopkins County’s #1 award for “Best Real Estate Company”.

All of this began with one woman. In a former article, we wrote about how she went from working alongside her husband on a dairy farm to one day owning and running a top-producing real estate business.

“It all started as one woman’s desire and passion for real estate and her community that would eventually turn into an unlikely success story. Except, it was no accident. Janet Martin built her real estate business from the ground up with shear grit, long hours and even longer talks with her clients. Along with a great amount risk, trial and error and most importantly, consistency, Janet has successfully grown her business and team.”

“I remember starting out not knowing what would happen. The financial risk was great and a little scary! But I had a dream. And there was a huge learning curve in stepping out on my own. But I couldn’t be afraid of failing. I knew I had to at least try,” recalls Janet.

From that courageous entrepreneurial step, birthed a homegrown company—a gleaming symbol of pride from a success story that reflects the resilience of Hopkins County. And as the city of Sulphur Springs has continued to expand and improve over the years, the same could be said of the community’s very own real estate office.



“Our ‘headquarters’ sits smack dab in the middle of the people we serve here in Texas not in another state like Illinois or Colorado or California,” says Janet. “And since we’re free from rules or marketing created for cities like San Francisco or Denver, we’ve been able to customize strategies that have been very effective for the people of Hopkins County. I guess that’s what I love most about being independent—our liberty and freedom to do what works best for our clients.” 

Janet Martin Realty went from one and two agents to its current expansion of ten. And within this collective of agents, many are successful top-producers in their own right. However, if you interviewed each one, they would tell you of their own humble beginnings. You’d hear about the lessons they’ve learned from past hardships or how life’s challenges have caused them to want better for others as they help and empathize with those in their community.

There are many ingredients to make a business rise above the others. You might say the secret sauce to Janet Martin Realty comes from a cooperate blend of dedication and service to their community.

Regardless of how they go the extra mile for their customers, you won’t find them on a big stage accepting an award (though those are nice!). Instead, they find rewards in pouring back into their neighborhoods, in hearing kind words from a grateful client, and meeting the needs of their customers.

Many agents at Janet Martin Realty find themselves at the top of the pack, but according to them, the real heroes are their clients. In essence, their success is like a trademark of Hopkins County—a stamped seal that belongs to the very people who call it home.



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