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Sulphur Springs Centre For Dance receives Best Technique in major event

Sulphur Springs Centre For Dance receives Best Technique in major event
  • PublishedMarch 30, 2022

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Sulphur Springs Centre for Dance competed in a huge event this weekend, going up against 30 other studios in the SynergyPac event in Tyler. With a stacked field and a ton of competitors to face, Sulphur Springs was up for the tough task.

“Our missing is to provide dancers of all levels with a fair and positive competition atmosphere to showcase their talents,” the SynergyPac website says. “We believe the competitive dance world is about a positive experience where feedback and growth are just as important as score.”

The event took place from Friday-Sunday and featured a number of events. Sulphur Springs had a total of 35 entires and they even received the Best Technique award out of all the studios in attendance.

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Results for the competition include:


*30 In Category*

Haddie Brantley-Synergy Shine 1st Overall 

Liliana Camacho-Platinum 5th Overall

Adalynn Ugalde-Platinum 4th Overall


*57 In Category*

Jaslyn Carter-High Gold 13th Overall


*44 In Category*

Savanna Darrow-Platinum 9th Overall

Adelynn Woods-High Gold


*33 In Category*

Kiley Vaughan-High Gold

Rachel Davidson-Platinum 8th Overall

Sterling McDowell-Synergy Shine 4th Overall

Coryn Young-Platinum 9th Overall

Sedona McCollum-Platinum

Trinity Martin-High Gold


Robyn Russell-High Gold 2nd Overall


*13 In Category*

Lily Glenn-Platinum 4th Overall

Tomi Pirtle-Platinum 5th Overall

Brooklynn Shelton-High Gold 7th Overall

Gracie Walker-Synergy Shine 2nd Overall

Jaslyn Galvan-Platinum 3rd Overall

Harley Speed-High Gold



Leila Clark & Amaya Mills Platinum 4th Overall

Coryn Young & Sedona McCollum Platinum 2nd Overall

Robyn Russell & Michelle Tipton High Gold 1st Overall




Minis-Jazz-Platinum-5th Overall…Lyrical-High Gold

Intermediates-Jazz-Platinum 6th Overall…Lyrical-High Gold

Reds-Jazz High Gold…Pom-High Gold 4th Overall 

Juniors-Jazz-Synergy Shine 4th Overall….Contemporary-Synergy Shine 3rd Overall….Pom-Platinum

Seniors-Jazz-Platinum…Contemporary-Synergy Shine 2nd Overall…Pom-Platinum 3rd Overall

For more information about Sulphur Springs Centre For Dance you can click here to visit them on Facebook or visit their website. 

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Written By
Tyler Lennon

Tyler Lennon is the sports editor for Front Porch News and Chad’s Media. Previously with the Sulphur Springs News-Telegram, Lennon has now covered sports in Hopkins County for four years. He also covers the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks and Texas Rangers and has media credentials for both the Rangers and the Mavericks. On top of his writing, Lennon is also the lead play-by-play broadcaster for Chad’s Media. He has been the lead broadcaster for Sulphur Springs football, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball and more. He is also the host of the sports talkshow Down & Out on Chad’s Media, along side Korey Hankins and Ryan Humphries. You can follow Down & Out on all social medias @Downandout903