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Hopkins-Rains retired teachers to get a ‘sweet’ guest speaker

Hopkins-Rains retired teachers to get a ‘sweet’ guest speaker
  • PublishedDecember 6, 2021


Johanna Hicks/ Courtesy

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The December meeting of the Hopkins-Rains Retired School Personnel will have a pretty sweet speaker as they welcome AgriLife’s Johanna Hicks to give a talk entitled, “Cookies of Life.” 

“I correlate good chocolate chip cookie ingredients to positive characteristics in a person (flour – forgiveness, sugar – sense of humor, baking soda – best self, eggs – easy going personality, salt – sensitivity, vanilla – valued friendship, nuts – it’s ok to be nutty sometimes, etc. ),” Hicks said. 

However, sometimes life goes awry and things you don’t plan on can enter the cookie mix of life, Hicks pointed out. 

“Just as in a friendship, we have to focus on the good ingredients and try not to let the bad things creep in,” Hicks said. 

Hicks will provide her famous chocolate chip cookies for those that attend. 

  • When: Tuesday, December 14 at 10 a.m.
  • Where: The ROC (Recreational Outreach Center), 115 Putman Street, Sulphur Springs

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Taylor Nye

Taylor Nye is the editor of Front Porch News. She has degrees from the University of Wisconsin in human biology, Latin American studies, and public health. She has previously worked at the Wisconsin State Journal, Tucson Weekly and Sulphur Springs News-Telegram. As a sixth generation Hopkins County resident, she loves celebrating our heritage and history.