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Cumby seniors celebrate FAFSA enrollment with pie-a-palooza

by Taylor Nye

Cumby ISD seniors celebrated their 100% enrollment rate in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) this morning with an unusual ceremony: they delivered pies to the face of Dean of Students Megan Petty, and all had a smashing good time. 

As of 2021-2022, under Texas Education Code 28.0256, all those enrolled in 12th grade must complete a FAFSA application in order to graduate. Cumby ISD set a goal of October 31 to reach 100% enrollment in FAFSA. 

This was done “in order to expedite the process, and ensure that all students receive the maximum amount of federal funds allocated for students that file their FAFSA,” Petty said. To incentivize students, Petty and the school offered a tantalizing reward: pie Ms. Petty in the face while underclassmen and staff watched. 

“The class of 2022, 36 strong, stepped up to the challenge,” Petty noted. “Even though it came down to the wire, all students were able to get their application submitted.” 

The class of 2022 would like to thank their sponsor, Ms. Robin Wheat, and the administration of Cumby ISD for their help. 

Robin Wheat and Megan Petty contributed to this report. Photos courtesy Cumby ISD

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