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Lee street pedestrian crash ends in fatality

by Taylor Nye

North Lee Street/ Google Maps

A Saturday night pedestrian crash on Lee Street left one dead, according to Sulphur Springs Police. 

At approximately 7:47 p.m., an 85-year-old Sulphur Springs resident named Joyce Mahnke was crossing the street to her home on North Lee, assisted by a younger male. 

At that time, a white sedan driven by 21-year-old Dustin Self approached from the right side, and “apparently didn’t see Ms. Mahnke,” according to police. The vehicle struck Mahnke, police said. 

Mahnke was transported by air ambulance to Tyler, where she later succumbed to her injuries, police said. There were no other serious injuries. 

“At this time we don’t see foul play, but that’s why it’s an open investigation,” SSPD Cpl. Terry Miller stated. “We are still interviewing witnesses.” 


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