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List of hay bale locations 2021

by Taylor Nye

All hay bales are located in Sulphur Springs unless otherwise stated.


  • Travel Time RV, 1811 Industrial Drive, “Ferris Wheel Grand Affair”
  • Red River Credit Union, 822 Gilmer St, “Rainbow Fish”
  • Abboe’s Collison Center, 1131 N. Hillcrest Drive, “Roadsters”
  • Lone Star Clinic/ Dr. Gebel, 1216 Church Street, “Wonder Woman, Hulk and Captain America”
  • Sulphur Springs Health & Rehab, 411 Airport Road, “Nurse and Covid Virus with Shot”
  • Hopkins County Attorney’s Office, 128 Jefferson Street, “Mason Jar & Fireflies”
  • North Texas Barrel Supply, 1216 Elm Street, “Donkey Kong”
  • Legacy Ag Credit, 303 Connally Street, “Cow”
  • Janeen’s County Cottage, 630 Davis Street, “Cow”
  • Hill Family Chiropractic/All Therapeutic Massage, 400 Gilmer St. Ste. B, “Western Sculpture”
  • Wesley House, 1044 Church Street, “Spider”
  • Mattress Heaven, 200 Shannon Road W., “Spiderman”
  • Sunny Springs Rehab, 1200 N. Jackson, “Fall Into a Latte”
  • Sulphur Springs Dodge, 1505 Industrial Dr. W., “Farm Cow”

Three businesses previously on this list will not be able to complete: Hopkins County Law Association, Covington Credit Union and Christus Rehab center. They hope to be part of the contest next year, and the list has been modified to reflect the changes. 

Shirley Patchen contributed this list

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