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Help-A-Child Calf Show 2021

by Taylor Nye

This Saturday marked the  inaugural cattle show in conjunction with the Help-A-Child benefit, which has been a Hopkins County staple for the last 14 years. The show raised $ 3,646 dollars to benefit the Help A Child fund, according to the department of agriculture at Texas A&M University- Commerce. 
The show was separated into the following age groups: PeeWee (Age 7 and under), Junior: (Age 13 and under), Intermediate (age 14 – 18) and senior: 19 and up. The following are the results for the show:

Heifer Showmanship

Class 1: ARB

  • Champion ARB: Sophia Reynolds
  • Reserve ARB: Logan McEwin

Class 2-4: Beefmaster Heifers

  • Champion Beefmaster: Lexi Reyenga
  • Reserve Beefmaster: Caitlin Pettit

Class 5-8: Brahman Heifers

  • Champion Brahman Heifer: Blaine Allen
  • Reserve Brahman Heifer: Bailey Barger

Class 9-11: Brangus Heifers

  • Champion Brangus Heifer: Hannah Vissering
  • Reserve Brangus Heifer: Kara McKee

Class 12-14: Braunvieh Heifers

  • Champion Braunveigh: Katie Alexander
  • Reserve Braunviegh: Katie Alexander

Class 15-17: Santa Gertrudis Heifers

  • Champion Santa Gertrudis Heifer: Skylar Delarosa
  • Reserve Santa Gertrudis: Jayden Alexander
  • Champion American Heifer: Lexi Reyenga (Beefmaster)
  • Reserve American: Caitlin Petit (Beefmaster)
Class 15-18: Angus Heifers
  • Champion Angus Heifer: Olyvia Lampard
  • Reserve Angus: Mika Gray

Class 19-20 Hereford Heifers

  • Champion Hereford Heifer: Molly Sawall
  • Reserve Hereford: Paizlee Swanner

Class 21-24 Shorthorn Heifers

  • Champion Shorthorn Heifer: Mason Williams
  • Reserve Shorthorn: Brittney Basham
  • Champion British Heifer: Mason Williams
  • Reserve British: Molly Sawall

Class 25-26 Charolais Heifers

  • Champion Charolais Heifers: Ethan Adams
  • Reserve: Emma Adams

Class 27-28: Chianina Heifers

  • Champion Chianina Heifer: Mason Hunter
  • Reserve Chianina: Hunter McKinney

Class 29-30: ORB Heifers

  • Champion ORB Heifer: Mason Hunter
  • Reserve ORB: Caroline Melton

Class 31-32: Simmental Heifers

  • Champion Simmental Heifer: Jalen Hrable
  • Reserve Simmental : Abbie Melton
  • Champion Exotic Heifer: Mason Hunter
  • Reserve Exotic: Mason Hunter
  • Supreme Heifer : Lexi Reyenga (Beefmaster)
  • Reserve Supreme: Mason Hunter (ORB)

Steer Showmanship

Class 1- American

  • Champion American Steer: Courtney Lynn

Class 2-4- British

  • Champion British Steer: Evan Adams
  • Reserve British: Olivia Lampard

Class 5-7: Exotic Steers

  • Champion Exotic Steer: Carson Adams (Class 7)
  • Reserve Exotic: Camo Pits (Class 5)
  • Supreme Steer: Carson Adams Class 7 Exotic
  • Reserve Supreme: Camo Pits Class 5 Exotic

NOTE: Champion and Reserve Showmanship results are not available.

Photos by Taylor Nye.

The following individuals contributed to this report: Dr. Randy Harp, Dr. Jared Mumm, Collin Alexander, Monty Lackey

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