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Saltillo/ Mt. Vernon Young Farmers see successful hay show

by Taylor Nye
The Saltillo/ Mt. Vernon chapter of Young Farmers pulled off a successful hay show this weekend, raising over $12,000 for their chapter. Hay was judged on crude protein, TDN, and physical appearance. Awards included:
1st place- Pleasant Hill Dairy (Purley)- Squares
2nd place- Humphrey & Humphrey Dairy (Como)- Tif 44
3rd place- Pleasant Hill Dairy (Purley)- Big Squares
1st place- Humphrey & Humphrey Dairy (Como)- Elbon Rye
2nd place- Van Dieden Dairy (Greenwood)- Corn Silage
3rd place- Van Dieden Dairy (Greenwood)- Rye Grass Silage
The community meal was provided by Saltillo’s Neal family, and Shannon Davis acted as auctioneer. Young Farmers members made baked goods, and agriculture teachers from both schools served dinner. 
Participants included (but are not limited to):
4- Van Dieden
5- Talsma
6- Lageschaar Costal
7- KF Ranch
8-10- D. Maxton
11- S. Newsome
12- T. Johnson
13- C. Emmerson
14- S. Newsome
15- C. Emmerson
16- S. Newsome
17- R. Brown
18- S. Newsome
19- Humphrey & Humphrey 
20- T. Lindley
21- W. Sears
22- T. Dunlap
23- J. Weatherford
24- CL Martin
25- C. Emerson
26- C. Neal
27- R. Reed
28- TR Johnson
29- KF Ranch
30- R. Brown
31- B Thomas
32- L. Rogers
Donors and buyers included (but are not limited to):
Cynthia Heisel
Legacy Ag Credit
Valley Feed Mill
Alliance Bank
Pleasant Hill Dairy
Winkle Oil
Franklin County Farm Bureau
Farm Country
Van Dieden Dairy
Winnsboro Livestock
4N Ranch
Syke Talsma
Hopkins/Rains County Farm Bureau
Garrett Sustaire
Lageschaar Dairy
Humphrey & Humphrey Dairy
Todd Lindley
First National Bank of East Texas
Talsma Dairy
Conroy Tractor
Photos and results courtesy Saltillo/ Mount Vernon Young Farmers

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