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Creative Arts Guidelines/ Full Schedule 2021

by Taylor Nye

Creative arts baking entry, 2019

The Creative Arts Contest, hosted by Hopkins County 4H, is for Hopkins County residents only, to enter arts items to be judged. It takes place in the Sulphur Springs high school conference center.


  • Monday, October 18- Wednesday, October 20, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.- Entries may be taken to the Extension Office, 1200-B W. Houston
  • Thursday, October 21, 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.-  Entries may be taken directly to the high school
  • Friday, October 22, 7:30 to 9:30 a.m.- Entries may be taken directly to the high school

*No late entries accepted unless approved by the registration committee

  • Viewing- Friday afternoon from 1:30-5:00 p.m.,
  • Viewing- Saturday, October 23, from 9:00 a.m. till 1:30 p.m.
  • Entry judging- 10:00 a.m. Friday, October 22
  • Best of Show and Reserve Best of Show winner pictures-1:30 p.m. in the Conference Center on Saturday, October 23
  • Check-out time- 1:30 p.m. Saturday, October 23 (after pictures)


  1. Entrants must be Hopkins County residents
  2. Articles may be exhibited only by the maker and must have been made within the past year (September 2020 – October, 2021)
  3. Participants may enter as many classes and divisions as desired. However, they may enter only one item in a particular subclass of each class. ($1.00 entry fee per person, except for children and students entering as part of a class)
  4. Age divisions are:
    1. Children – up to age 10
    2. Older Texans – 70 & above
    3. Youth – ages 11-19
    4. Nursing Home Residents
    5. Adults – ages 20-69
  5. Entries must be labeled using the required label, available at registration
  6. Each entry will be awarded a ribbon. Best of Show and Reserve Best of Show will be selected from blue ribbon winners in each division
  7. No professional exhibits allowed due to space limitations
  8. The Fall Festival Creative Arts Committee is not responsible for any damage that may occur during public viewing times.


  • Arts & Crafts Coordinator: Johanna Hicks 1200-B W. Houston St. P.O. Box 518 Sulphur Springs, TX 75483 903-885-3443/ jshicks@ag.tamu.edu



All art must be suitable for hanging, except children’s entries. No paint-by-number kits accepted, except in youth and children’s age categories.

  • Class 1: Oil
  • Class 2: Water Color
  • Class 3: Pen & Ink
  • Class 4: Rub outs
  • Class 5: Pencil
  • Class 6: Acrylic
  • Class 7: Paper tole
  • Class 8: Crayon
  • Class 9: Spray paint art
  • Class 10: Chalk
  • Class 11: Miscellaneous


Please bring items in DISPOSABLE containers. Check exhibit list for amount of each item to be exhibited. All entries will be cut and sampled by the judges. Entries requiring refrigeration will not be accepted for food safety purposes. Baked items will be discarded at the conclusion of exhibit hours unless picked up. Items will be judged on flavor, appearance, color, and texture.

  • Class 1: Breads a. Quick bread d. Cornbread g. Dinner rolls (6) b. Muffins (6) e. Loaf bread (yeast) h. Miscellaneous c. Sweet rolls (6) f. Biscuits (6)
  • Class 2: Cakes a. Iced cakes d. Coffee cake b. Angel food e. Cakes with fruit or vegetables c. Pound cakes f. Miscellaneous
  • Class 3: Pies a. Fruit (includes cobbler) c. Meringue b. Nut d. Miscellaneous
  • Class 4: Cookies a. Drop (6) c. Bar (6) b. Shaped (6) d. No bake (6)
  • Class 5: Candy a. Uncooked (6) b. Cooked (6)

III. CLOTHING Articles must be completely finished, clean, pressed and like new in appearance. Soiled items will not be accepted. Please bring your own hangers. Items will be judged on fabric selection, neatness, construction (basic sewing techniques) and general appearance.

  • Class 1: Classic/casual (detailed construction, including men’s wear)
  • Class 2: After-Five (Dressy/formal)
  • Class 3: Children’s Wear (through children size 14)
  • Class 4: Everyday (casual, pajamas, costumes, etc.)
  • Class 5: Wearable Art (must have made and/or decorated the item) a. Shirt/ T-shirt c. Vest b. Jacket d. Miscellaneous

IV. CREATIVE CRAFTS Judged on originality of design, workmanship, neatness, difficulty of project and general appearance. No kits allowed except in youth and children’s divisions.

  • Class 1: Crafts a. Plastics d. Metal b. Candles e. Miscellaneous c. Leather
  • Class 2: Ceramics a. Animals b. Figurines c. Miscellaneous
  • Class 3: Stained Glass (cut and leaded or soldered) a. Leaded b. Foiled
  • Class 4: Painted Household Accessories a. Bird houses b. Wall accessories c. Miscellaneous
  • Class 5: Miscellaneous a. Collage d. Paper maché b. Glass e. Scrap-art c. Mosaic f. Any other craft

IV. DECORATED CAKES Will not be cut! Judged on appearance, difficulty, originality, and workmanship. All entries not picked up at end of show will be discarded.

V. FOOD PRESERVATION Jars must not have their seals broken. All containers must be official canning jars. Clear standard pint, ½ pint or quart jars MUST BE USED. Foods processed in mayonnaise jars, pickle jars etc., will not be judged. All exhibits must be clean, rust-free, and in unbroken jars. Two-piece canning lids (flat lid and band) must be used. All canned foods must have been canned between September, 2020 and October, 2021. Each exhibitor will be permitted to enter as many classes as desired. Items will be judged on quality of product, pack uniformity, container, consistency, and general appearance.

  • Class 1: Canned vegetables (pints or quarts) – Squash not recommended a. Beets d. Beans, green snap g. Peas, green b. Carrots e. Beans, pinto h. Peas, black-eyed c. Corn f. Okra i. Any other vegetable
  • Class 2: Canned fruits a. Apples d. Blackberries g. Tomatoes b. Dewberries e. Figs h. Pears c. Peaches f. Plums i. Any other fruit
  • Class 3: Preserves a. Apple d. Peach g. Any other kind b. Fig e. Plum c. Strawberry f. Pear
  • Class 4: Butters a. Apple d. Plum b. Pear e. Any other kind c. Peach
  • Class 5: Jellies/Jams a. Apple d. Plum g. Any other kind b. Strawberry e. Blackberry c. Grape f. Peach
  • Class 6: Pickles (preserving food in a solution such as brine or vinegar) a. Bread & Butter d. Watermelon rind b. Sweet e. Any other kind c. Dill
  • Class 7: Relish a. Tomato e. Corn b. Cucumber f. Pickle relish h. Salsa c. Pear g. Hot relish i. Any other kind
  • Class 8: Vegetables, pickled a. Okra c. Peppers b. Beets d. Any other kind
  • Class 9: Dehydrated foods a. Apples c. Peaches e. Strawberries b. Bananas d. Pears f. Any other kind
  • Class 10: Miscellaneous a. Honey d. Fruit juice/tomato juice b. Vinegars c. Any other kind d. Mincemeat (fruit or meat)

VII. HANDIWORK Judged on originality of design, workmanship, difficulty of project, and general appearance.

  • Class 1: Knitting a. Personal garments (sweaters, caps) c. Baby items b. Novelty items (doll clothes, toys, etc.) d. Accessories – afghans, rugs e. Doilies
  • Class 2: Crochet a. Personal garments (sweaters, caps) c. Baby items b. Novelty items (doll clothes, toys, etc.) d. Accessories- afghans, rugs e. Doilies
  • Class 3: Embroidery a. Crewel c. Cross-stitch (counted) b. Cross-stitch (printed) d. Miscellaneous
  • Class 4: Needlepoint a. Pictures/ wall hangings b. Pillows c. Miscellaneous
  • Class 5: Sewn items (other than clothing) a. Pillows d. Accessories (hair bows, head bands, etc.) b. Purses/bags e. Pillow cases c. Stuffed animals f. Miscellaneous
  • Class 6: Beadwork a. Bookmarks c. Dog collars b. Home accessories d. Misc.
  • Class 7: Beaded jewelry a. Necklace c. Earrings b. Bracelet d. Ring d. Jewelry set
  • Class 8: Other fabric/fiber work a. Weaving b. Macramé c. String art d. Miscellaneous


  • Class 1: Christmas (any material) a. Card holders d. Tree ornaments g. Centerpiece b. Stockings e. Tree skirt h. Miscellaneous c. Aprons f. Wall hanging
  • Class 2: Nativity Scenes (any material)
  • Class 3: Tablecloth – any holiday
  • Class 4: Decorations – non-Christmas (any material) a. Table centerpiece d. Miscellaneous b. Wall hanging c. Outdoor/yard decoration
  • Class 5: Wreath/door hanging – any holiday or season

IX. HORTICULTURE Each entry will be judged on appearance, shape, color and health and must be in exhibitor’s possession three (3) months prior to fair. Each exhibitor will be responsible for upkeep of their entry during the fair. Each entry must be grown in Hopkins County. No artificial plants accepted!

  • Class 1: Agriculture a. Vegetables b. Fruits c. Other (nuts, acorns, etc.)
  • Class 2: Cut flowers a. Single species b. Multiple arrangement
  • Class 3: Potted plants a. Flowering b. Foliage c. Mixed
  • Class 4: Hanging Baskets a. Flowering b. Foliage c. Mixed
  • Class 5: Succulents/cactus
  • Class 6: Dried a. Arrangements c. Potpourri e. Miscellaneous b. Swags d. Wreaths
  • Class 7: Gourds
  • Class 8: Herbs

X. PHOTOGRAPHY All pictures should be appropriately mounted – either framed or matted. All pictures should be 5″ x 7″ or larger. This is amateur competition. NO PROFESSIONALS PLEASE! *** All entries must be ready for hanging – use wire or string. Easels may also be brought for the exhibit. This enables us to display entries.

  • Class 1: Portrait a. Black & White b. Color
  • Class 2: Scenic a. Black & White b. Color
  • Class 3: Still Life a. Black & White b. Color
  • Class 4: Animals a. Black & White b. Color
  • Class 5: People a. Black & White b. Color
  • Class 6: Special Effects a. Black & White b. Color
  • Class 7: Floral a. Black & White b. Color
  • Class 8: Architectural a. Black & White b. Color
  • Class 9: Grouping (two or more pictures in a multi-photo frame) a. Black & White b. Color

XI. QUILTS You may enter one item in each class, providing entries differ. All items must be made in the past 12 months. All entries must be clean. Soiled items WILL NOT be judged or displayed.

  • Class 1: Hand quilted a. Kit or pre-printed d. Cross stitched/ embroidered b. Pieced e. Combination of techniques c. Appliqué
  • Class 2: Machine quilted (all machine made) a. Kit or pre-printed d. Cross stitched/ embroidered b. Pieced e. Combination of techniques c. Appliqué
  • Class 3: Quilts with a combination of stitching (hand and machine) a. Kit or pre-printed c. Applique b. Pieced d. Cross stitched/embroidered
  • Class 4: Baby Quilts a. Kit or pre-printed c. Cross stitched/ embroidered b. Pieced d. Appliqué
  • Class 5: Quilted Items a. Wall hangings c. Pillows b. Table runners d. Miscellaneous

XII. WOODWORKING Entries will be judged on cut, assembly, finish and overall appearance.

  • Class 1: Kits (anything made of wood)
  • Class 2: Inlaid wood (inlays of metal, pearl, etc.)
  • Class 3: Mosaic Wood Art (using different woods for color)
  • Class 4: Furniture (quilt racks, tables, chairs, etc.)
  • Class 5: Wall Hangings/Crosses
  • Class 6: Wood Carving (such as canes, figurines, etc.)
  • Class 7: Yard Art
  • Class 8: Rustic Art (furniture, canes, picture frames, etc. made from barn wood, tree limbs or trunks)
  • Class 9: Birdhouses
  • Class 10: Toys
  • Class 11: Miscellaneous


  • Class 1: Holiday/seasonal items
  • Class 2: Quilts a. Individual work b. Group work
  • Class 3: Plastic art (tissue boxes, coasters, etc.)
  • Class 4: Handmade garments
  • Class 5: Handmade accessories (pillows, wall hangings, etc.)
  • Class 6: Needlework (Needlepoint, crochet, knitting, embroidery, tatting, cross stitch)
  • Class 7: Leather craft
  • Class 8: Metal craft
  • Class 9: Wood craft
  • Class 10: Art
  • Class 11: Weaving
  • Class 12: Miscellaneous

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