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NETBIO Ribeye Roundup- FULL SCHEDULE Oct. 2, 2021

by Taylor Nye

The full schedule for tomorrow’s Ribeye Roundup is posted below. All information subject to change on the day of the event:

6:30 AM Teams begin to arrive to set up booth      
10:00 AM All teams should have booth set up and vehicles moved to designated parking area      
10:50 AM Opening Prayer & Introduction of 2021 Judges      
11:10 AM All cooks meeting at Steak HQ      
11:30 AM Open Division cook-off  begins      
12:30 PM Professional Division cook-off begins      
12:30 PM Open Division entries turned in – 1st group      
12:50 PM Open Division entries turned in – 2nd group      
1:30 PM Professional Division entries turned in      
2:00 PM Hors d’Oeuvres for public (Optional)      
2:00 PM Announcement of Top 7 teams called back      
2:15 PM Top 5 Open Division cook-off begins      
2:30 PM Kids Burger Challenge Cooks Meeting      
3:30 PM Top 5 Open entries turned in      
3:45 PM Kids Burger Challenge Entries turned in      
4:00 PM Public Steaks dispersed to cook teams      
4:45 PM Turn in Hor D’oeuvres for Competition (VIP Area on Plaza)      
5:45 PM Announce Winners in Steak/Hor D’oeuvre/Kids Burger Competition       
6:30 PM Serving Stations open and Bobby performs      
10:30 PM Concert Ends & Cooking Teams Dismissed      

Participating Teams:

  • Patterson Electric
  • Northeast Texas Farmer’s Co-Op (NETFC)
  • Guaranty Bank
  • L4 Construction
  • Henderson Ranch
  • The Smoking Beard
  • Sulphur Springs Livestock Association
  • Swinson Excavation
  • Bell Concrete
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Rail 19
  • Potts Feed Store
  • Wood Co. Farm Bureau
  • George Cattle
  • G5 Cattle
  • Backstory Brewery
  • Ag Workers Insurance
  • Quitman Young Farmers
  • Grocery Supply Company
  • Buff City Soap
  • Texas Heritage National Bank
  • Century 21- Patterson Agency
  • Texas Farm Credit
  • Star 95.9
  • City National Bank
  • Republic Services
  • Jay Hodge Chevrolet
  • Lone Star Ag Credit
  • Alliance Bank
  • Omega Networks
  • Hopkins Rains Farm Bureau
  • Brookshires
  • Seth’s Lake Fork Creek
  • Bear Littleton State Farm
  • White Smoke BBQ
  • Tableleaf & Sulphur Springs Dodge

Kid’s Burger Challenge Presented by Potts Feed Store- Official Chef Rules

  • Kid’s Challenge will consist of a one person team.
  • Entry Fee per Kid is $10
  • All necessary cooking tools will be supplied by the participant
  • Grills are limited to wood, charcoal, or gas.
  • The kid will be responsible for cooking Hamburger patty from the hamburger meat provided by Rail 19
  • No garnishes, sauces, or anything else maybe placed on top of the patty, in the provided turn in container.
  • You may place foil under the patty.
  • The burger will be judged on the following considerations:
    • Appearance, Tenderness, and Taste
  • Each participant will be required to attend a cook’s meeting
  • The kid will be responsible for all aspects of the cooking process for example, making the patty, seasoning, cooking, flipping, etc. A kid’s sponsor will be allowed to assist with the fire.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place only.

Hors d’Oeuvres- Official Chef Rules

  • All hors d’oeuvres must be prepped and cooked on site
  • Your entry must compliment beef
  • Each participant will turn in 5 samples for judging
  • You will be judged on the following considerations:
    • Originality, Appearance, Taste, and how well it compliments beef.

Ribeye Roundup 2021- Official Chef Rules

Remember, this is a public event and good sportsmanship is appreciated. Visit with other cooks, make new friends, promote beef, and have fun. Let the bragging begin!

All cook teams will be expected to cook steaks for the public dinner. Serving begins at 6:30. Teams should be prepared to cook 20-30 public steaks provided to you by CCRR.

  • Cook teams may begin setting up at 6:30 a.m. The square will be closed to all traffic at 10 a.m. sharp. All vehicles will be removed from the cook area immediately following setup. The square will be closed to traffic until 10:30pm. (Special parking available behind the First Baptist Church in the East parking lot).
  • One member of each cook team will attend the Cook’s Meeting at 11:00am it will be located on the South end of the square. Steaks will be submitted in the same location.
  • No outside meat will be allowed for the competition or for the public steak dinner. Offenders will be immediately disqualified.
  • Teams are encouraged to prepare samples, hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, etc. as long as it compliments BEEF!
  • All steaks for the competition will be 14-16 oz. ribeyes, provided by the steak cook off.
  • Grills are limited to the following gas (propane), wood or charcoal.
  • Steaks will be judged on the following criteria:
    • Taste
    • Appearance
    • Tenderness
    • Doneness * *Steaks must all be cooked to the level of medium. We describe medium as – pink and moist in the middle of the ribeye. Not red or running. Doneness will serve as a tie breaker, in the event of a tie.
  • No garnishes, foil, sauces, etc should accompany your steak when submitted. Your steak must be turned in with NO cuts in the steak itself. Failure to comply with either of these rules will result in automatic disqualification.
  • Each team will have the luxury of choosing their steaks from a panel in lottery style. You will be limited to 30 seconds or your steaks will be chosen for you.
  • The top 7 teams with the highest scores will be entered into 2nd round of cook off. If your team places in the top 5, your team will be given another steak to cook. Of these 5 steaks a champion will be determined. ( May vary with number of entries)
  • Adherence to turn in time is mandatory. Late submissions will automatically be disqualified.
  • All alcoholic beverages must be pre-purchased through Corner Grub House, in order to comply with TABC.
  • No ATV’s or golf carts.
  • All teams must have a fire extinguisher within their cook site.
  • All teams must have a barrier laid down to protect bricks on square from grease.
  • All steaks are property of the Cattleman’s Classic and Ribeye Roundup.
  • No professional chef may enter the open division; however, you are encouraged to enter the professional division. The master committee will make all decisions concerning open/professional entries.
  • All decisions are final
  • A schedule will be provided at the cook’s meeting along with any rule changes or updates.
  • The cook-off will be held rain or shine. No entry fees will be refunded due to inclement weather.

Get your grills hot, and let’s have fun!

2021 Payout – Open Division Prize Money

1st Place $2,000

2nd Place $1,500

3rd Place $750

4th Place $500

5th Place $250

2021 Payout – Restaurant Division Prize Money

Grand Champion $750

Reserve Grand Champion $500

3rd Place $250

Total 2021 payout: $6,500

Contributed by NETBIO


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