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City shares inspiration for ‘Downtown West’

by Logan Vaughan

The City of Sulphur Springs has been discussing design elements for Downtown West, also named Town Branch. Compiled are some of architectural firm Toole Design’s inspirations and features they intend to include in the design. The Town Branch begins at Mulberry and Rogers on the North and stretches south to Hinnant and the KCS Railroad tracks. 

  • Residential townhomes
  • A formal fountain in the shape of a heritage star
  • Public art installations
  • Childrens’ wildlife themes
  • Nature spaces
  • A bridge-like decorative structure at Connally Street where a water feature is visible beneath the road
  • Mixed-use residential (shops/ homes)
  • Brick streets tying the area into downtown
  • Multi-family 2-3 story homes
  • Gateway arch
  • Artists’ way pavilion
  • Interactive windmill installation
  • Informal market dining area
  • Babbling creek
  • Sight-lines to downtown
  • Pedestrian plaza with shaded seating
  • ‘Natural spring’ water feature
  • Boardwalk
  • ‘Lake’ water feature
  • Dog park
  • Parking

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