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‘Walk Across Texas’ a fun way to get physically active by Johanna Hicks

by Logan Vaughan

Walk Across Texas

Momentum is building for the fall Walk Across Texas event!  First of all, let me explain the process and then, if you or someone you know would like to take part, simply contact my office.  Each year, I prepare a State of Health Report for Hopkins County.  Although we don’t rank at the bottom, we have lots of work to do. 

Actually, 35% of Hopkins County adult residents are physically inactive.  Research has shown that adults need at least 30 minutes of physical activity most, if not all, days of the week.  Children need 60 minutes each day.  One of the many impactful program offered by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension is Walk Across Texas.  The Walk Across Texas! program encourages people to develop a habit of regular physical activity. Teams and individuals walk — or run, dance, garden, swim or do any other form of exercise — for an eight‐week period. Each 20 minutes of exercise counts as one mile. At the end of that time each team’s or person’s total mileage is added up. You can walk together, individually, outside, at a mall, at a grocery store or at a gym — any way that fits your schedule and lifestyle.  See if together you can go the equivalent of the 832 miles it would take to walk across Texas in eight weeks.  For a team of 8, that is 104 miles per person.

We currently have two teams registered to participate, and one of more teams of county employees will also be participating.  Anyone else interested in taking part is asked to contact my office at 903-885-3443, and information on getting started will be given.  Kick-off is September 14, with logging of steps/miles.  We will wrap up eight week later with announcement of the top walkers on each team and the top team overall.  A weekly newsletter will be provided as encouragement to keep walking!  I might even throw in a few recipes along the way. 

 In the spring, three teams participated in Walk Thru Texas History, a 4-week program with the goal of reaching 416 miles.  With each historic marker reached, participants could read about historic events that took place at that specific location.  Together, the three teams logged 1,599 miles during the 4-week period – far surpassing the 416 miles per team.

Fall Events

               Here’s a quick preview of events, workshops, and programs coming up this fall.  Contact the Extension office at 903-885-3443 for more information on each one:

  • Walk Across Texas kick-off, September 14
  • 4-H Foods Fun Day workshop – September 25
  • Cooking Well with Diabetes – October 4, 7, 11, 14
  • National 4-H Week and 4-H Project Show– October 4-8
  • One Day 4-H – October 9
  • Fall Arts & Crafts Show – October 22-23
  • Fall Creative Arts Contest – October 21-23
  • Extension Leadership Banquet – November 4
  • 48th Annual Christmas Joys holiday program – November 8

Closing Thought

Texas Guide to Life:  If there’s a hole in your story or your fence, whatever you’d rather didn’t get out – will!

By Johanna Hicks

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