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SSHS Theatre Performing ‘Cinderella Waltz’ on Thursday, May 13th

by frontporchnews



SSHS Theatre will have their last performance of the school year Thursday, May 13th at 7pm. Come say goodbye to seniors Rorie Young, Caitlynn Monaghen, and Hannah Shultz, and as they take the leads in SSHS Theatre’s Cinderella Waltz.

Cinderella Waltz hilariously investigates the archetypal origins of the world’s most popular fairy tale, contrasting the familiar and charming Perrault version with the darker tale recorded by the brothers Grimm–all set in deep East Texas. 

Rosey Snow (senior Rorie Young) is trapped in a fairy tale world that is by turns funny and a little frightening with her stepsisters Goneril and Reagan (junior Anayeli DeLaCruz and Freshman Jolene Reed), her demented stepmother (senior Caitlynn Monaghen), her hapless father (junior Lucy Braddy), a bewildered Prince (junior Brandon Williams), an eccentric fairy Godmother (senior Hannah Shultz), a troll that’s not a troll (junior AllieGrace Woodard), and a possibly homicidal village idiot (junior Caleb Talmage). This “fairy tale for adults” gives its heroine a choice–to accept the role the traditional fairy tale assigns her, or to make a darker, different choice–what begins as Cinderella turns out to have been all along actually a version of “Beauty and the Beast.”

Tickets are free, donations are accepted, and masks are required.

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