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CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Sulphur Springs Now Offering Groundbreaking Robotic Surgery Option




CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Sulphur Springs is the very first and only hospital in the area to offer Stryker’s Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Partial and Total Knee replacement procedures. The Mako system is the latest advancement in joint replacement surgery – transforming the way knee replacements are performed.

The Mako Total Knee combines Stryker’s robotic technology with its GetAroundKnee Triathlon Total Knee System. The system employs a virtual 3D model which allows surgeons to create each patient’s surgical plan before they ever enter the operating room. The result is a more predictable surgical experience with increased accuracy.

“The beauty of the Mako system is that it provides every patient with a personalized surgical experience, based on their diagnosis and anatomy,” explained Christopher Meltsakos, M.D. “Using the 3D model to precisely plan out a patient’s surgical experience allows us to cross-check that plan during the surgical procedure and make any needed adjustments while guiding the robotic arm to carry out the plan.”

The Mako Total Knee system is a knee replacement treatment option designed to relieve pain caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis. Through CT-based 3D modeling of bone anatomy, surgeons can create a personalized surgical plan while identifying the implant size and alignment based on each patient’s unique anatomy. The Mako system also allows surgeons to virtually modify the surgical plan during the procedure.

Dr. Meltsakos performed the first MAKO-assisted surgery earlier this month, and the patient is currently recovering well at an inpatient rehabilitation facility.

“CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital – Sulphur Springs continues the tradition of bringing advanced technologies and surgical options to our area, giving our patients the very best medical home right here in our community,” said Dr. Meltsakos.

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