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Sulphur Springs Man Arrested for Attempting to Assault Homeowner with Axe Handle

Sulphur Springs Man Arrested for Attempting to Assault Homeowner with Axe Handle
  • PublishedDecember 8, 2020

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A 57 year old Sulphur Springs man was arrested on Monday after attempting to assault a homeowner with an axe handle.

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Officers were dispatched to a residence on Fisher Street in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, Curtis Fisher was sitting on the front porch of his residence which is located across the street from where the victim resides. 

SSPD contacted the victim and he stated that he knows Fisher to live across the street but did not know him by name. The victim stated he heard someone banging on his front door and when he opened it he was met by Fisher at the front door with a axe handle in his hands.

The victim stated that Fisher had the axe handle in the air and came towards him as if he was going to strike him with the axe handle and the victim shut the door. The victim stated Fisher was striking the door with the axe handle and was shouting about someone being inside of the residence. The victim stated that he felt threatened by Fisher and contacted the police and stayed inside his residence until he left the property.

Fisher admitted to going to the victims house with a axe handle in his hands. He advised that he could hear a subject screaming that he believed was named ‘Jennifer’ and he thought that she needed help. Fisher gave the officer different names of female subjects that he thought was trapped inside of the residence as the conversation continued. He stated that he was getting the information by text messages but advised that he did not have a phone.

Fisher was secured into double locked handcuffs and secured in the front seat of my patrol unit. The officer checked the interior of the victims residence to insure that there was nobody else inside of the house. The victim was home alone during this altercation. 

Fisher was transported to Hopkins County Jail on the charge of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

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