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Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for August 31st, 2020




Rejection. It’s would be safe to assume that no one has lived a life here on earth without experiencing it in some form or fashion. Most people would be quick to attest to the fact that they’ve dealt with it on several different occasions. You could even argue that if you’re going to live the life that the Lord has ordained for you that rejection should be expected. Even Jesus, the most perfect person to ever live was faced rejection from many.

The biggest issue with rejection is not that it happens, but the lingering effects it can have if not dealt with properly. Many a person has found themself needing counsel and healing based upon rejection they’ve experienced. Some of the instances even date back to early in their childhood. If allowed to, the spirit of rejection will take root in someone’s heart and become the lens through which they view life. They will reject others in an attempt to protect themself from further future rejection. The simple truth is that people who feel rejected, reject others. This hinders them from being the kind of person that the Lord needs to accept and love others in an effort to win them to Him.



If Jesus is the model for how believers should live and behave, then you must deal with rejection the way He did, by finding your acceptance in the Father. Jesus, in spite of the rejection He experienced from others, allowed the love of God to propel Him to the cross. He knew that the very people who rejected Him were the ones who needed His love and acceptance the most. He saw past their hurts to their hearts and gave His life to provide the healing that those hurting hearts so desperately needed. If you’ve allowed past rejections to keep you from properly accepting others, you can receive freedom from the One who overcame the spirit of rejection when He rose victoriously from the grave. He died to pay for your acceptance into His eternal Kingdom. Let that love and acceptance overcome the fear of rejection that may have taken hold of your life. – Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff

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