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Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for August 29th, 2020




How are things between you and the Lord? Is your relationship mutually edifying and growing in love and knowledge of one another? Many people when asked this question would say that everything is great and that their walk with God is strong. This, however, is not likely to be the case. Not that they are intentionally lying or allowing pride to not reveal any issues they may have, but they simply haven’t taken the time to ask their Partner in the relationship His thoughts on how it’s going.
You see it in marriages all the time. If you were to ask the man how the marriage was going, he would say everything is fine. But, (and you know where this is going) if you were to ask the woman, she, in all likelihood, could pretty easily name some things she would like to see improved upon. This is not to say that the marriage is on the rocks and is likely to fall apart without some intervention, but you can’t judge the health of a relationship by only getting one party’s perspective on it. As a believer who truly wants to please God and know Him in a greater way, you shouldn’t simply assume that everything is perfect and there is nothing that needs to be worked on without asking Him first. This is not to say that you need to walk around with a fear or paranoia that He’s unhappy with you, but you should love Him enough to want to make sure that He’s pleased with the relationship as well.
He knows that a strong, working relationship with Him is what will enable you to find fulfillment in your life. He loves you dearly and is looking to impart more of who He is into you. Take the time to ask Him how you can help enhance your relationship and watch how much greater it becomes. – Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff

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