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Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for August 15th, 2020




Today’s verses give you a glimpse into the greatest moment in Zacchaeus’s life. That moment when He had received the revelation knowledge of just what it meant to be in covenant with God. Here’s what you must understand to truly appreciate what happened on this day in Zacchaeus’s life…

Zacchaeus was an Israelite, a Jew. Which means that He by privilege of birth, he was in covenant with God. He was part of God’s chosen people through whom the Savior of the world would come. However, until this moment, he didn’t truly understand what that meant. He would have been brought up being taught all about how God established an eternal covenant with his forefather Abraham and how he was a part of it. But up to now, it was simply information, not revelation. Jesus, by establishing a relationship with him, showed Zacchaeus exactly what it meant to be a part of this covenant and it changed Zacchaeus’s life forever. The way Zacchaeus repented with joy and a willingness to make the relationships in his own life right show just how life altering this encounter was. Until that day, Zacchaeus was living in the covenant but not living under it.

This same scenario still plays on today. If you’re drawing breath, Jesus died for you and brought you into the covenant He made with the Father. Whether you have received revelation of it or not, you have been saved. Jesus’ finished, redemptive work is available for any and all who would choose to place their faith in Him. Just like Zacchaeus, you can be living with full access but little or no revelation. A relationship with Jesus will reveal just what it means to be in covenant with the Father. Your life of favor and blessing in the Kingdom of God is a simple conversation with your Savior away. – Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff

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