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Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for August 13th, 2020




Many people, even those who have been ‘saved’ for quite some time, seem to take issue when they see God move in the lives of others who they’ve judged to be unworthy. For whatever reason, when they see what appears to be ‘good things happening to bad people’, they act like the those described in today’s scripture passage. You have to ask yourself why this is, after all, shouldn’t there be rejoicing when those who need a touch from the Lord receive one? Especially by those who claim to love God the most.

This, by and large is one of the keys issues in the Church today. Many believers seem to have forgotten just how lonely and desperate they were for a touch from the Lord at one time in their lives. It’s easy to allow the issues in society to callous your heart. With such blatant and rampant acts of sin and selfishness that are going on publicly as of late, it has become easier to lash out than it has to reach out. Going back to the setting of today’s verse, you must be careful not curse someone else for climbing a tree, while doing so from the viewpoint of your tree. No one is perfect, no has the luxury of not having to deal with personal issues and prejudices. After all, God didn’t say, “Go get people out of their trees.” No, He asks you to, “Introduce them to me.”

What you must understand is that Jesus isn’t asking the Church to fix people, He’s asking them to love people. Only He can fix them. Today, give yourself a heart check. Is your heart more prone to judge or to love? Do you find yourself being offended rather than compassionate? If so, take some time to let your Savior love on you. The stronger your relationship with Him is the greater your heart for others will be. You see, if you haven’t received His love, you won’t have any to give. – Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff

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