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20.5% of COVID-19 Tests Performed in Hopkins County Over Last Two Weeks Were Positive for Coronavirus




There have been 1,799 COVID-19 tests sent for testing from Hopkins County, according to the latest release from Hopkins County EMS on August 6th. 

There have been 197 tests performed since the last testing update on July 24th with 49 new cases reported during that time and 32 pending results. The positivity rate on the testing that has been returned in the last two weeks is 20.5%. 

The 7-day positive rate statewide is currently 15.58%.

You can view the full release of testing figures below:

From information gathered from majority of the healthcare partners in Hopkins County for the past 144 days the information is as follows:

** Some private businesses and health facilities have used private organizations to screen their workers, those numbers are not represented in this press release as they are not required to report the information to the Hospital District.  Their information is only reported to TX-DSHS.

Estimated number of screenings of COVID 19 sent off for definitive testing to either a Private Lab or Texas Department of State Health Services (TX-DSHS) are:

Cases that met testing requirements 1799
Pending Lab Results 32
Confirmed Negative Cases 1583
Confirmed Positive Cases 184
Confirmed Recovered* 135


*Recovered Cases are released under the CDC guidelines and a local physician authority.  All guidelines and information can be found at the websites listed at the bottom of this release.

No confirmed related deaths in Hopkins County due to COVID 19.

The Hopkins County Local Health Authority (LHA) under appointment by the Hopkins County Commissioners Court,are working with the local cases in Hopkins County to ensure procedures are being followed with the related cases.

If you have any questions about screening or guidance, please contact your local physician or 903-606-DOCS (3627).  If you feel short of breath or have trouble breathing please call 911.

Please continue to practice social distancing and proper hand washing to help slow the spread and process of this virus.  Hopkins County Hospital District recommends to please stay informed by following CDC and DSHS websites and your local emergency management guidance.

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