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Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for July 23rd, 2020




In the midst of every struggle, test and trial there is a moment. Whether it’s in a ball game, a battle, or a personal conflict, every struggle has that moment when you have to decide if you’re going to advance and conquer or cower back and be defeated. That moment when the battle could fall either way and the choice you make has a direct impact on which way it falls. The question is not if there is a moment, but will you recognize the moment?
Unfortunately for many, that moment will come and go without them even recognizing it. This is where David found himself when he arrived on the scene of the battle between Goliath and the army of Israel. For many days, Goliath, had been challenging Israel to send someone to fight him but no one felt confident enough. God’s people were at that pivotal moment and none of them were willing to step out and take advantage of it. No one except David had a realization of the Covenant that they were in with the Lord. That crucial moment was about to pass them by.
What ‘moments’ are you in right now that you need to recognize and direct your attention to. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you take a look at your life. Is there a Goliath facing your marriage, family or finances? Maybe you have children who are making choices that could potentially bring their lives down the wrong path. Perhaps the environment in your workplace is toxic and you feel like quitting. Whatever Goliath you’re facing, now is the time to stand up under the Covering of your Covenant and take the battle to Goliath rather than continuing to let Goliath stand in defiance of who you are in Christ. Ask yourself, like David did, “Who is this who defies a child of the living God?” Your moment is now! – Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff

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