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Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for July 20th, 2020




God is a God of Covenants and the Bible is a book of Covenants between God and man. From the very beginning, God established a covenant with Adam (Adamic), with Abraham (Abrahamic) and with Moses (Mosaic), as well as Old Covenant, The New Covenant, and several other blood covenants. All throughout the Bible you read about Covenants.

A covenant is like a contract in that it includes a contract, but more importantly, it involves a relationship. The priority of a covenant was always the relationship, not the contract. Covenants, especially blood covenants, were established with the purpose of providing a covering. When two people groups, whether it be two different families, tribes or nations, would enter into covenant with one another they would do so for the purpose of gaining access to the other’s resources and strengths. A covering was there to do for you, what you could not do for yourself. This is why the Holy Spirit is so important in the New Testament. When God the Father and God the Son made a covenant they invited you into it for the purpose of you being able to enjoy the covering of God the Holy Spirit.

When you receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit comes in and makes your spirit His dwelling place. You are now considered one with God Himself and have full legal right to everything His Kingdom has to offer. How many of those benefits and privileges you enjoy will be determined by how much you stay within the Holy Spirit’s covering. You can boldly approach any and all challenges that life brings your way when you allow your Helper to provide His covering over your life. – Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff

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