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Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for July 16th, 2020




Love, by and large, is viewed as an emotion by most people today. This is why many Christians’ faith is weak and ineffective. You see love isn’t a feeling, love is a Person. You allow Jesus to come into your life by accepting His act of giving His life for you, faith is established because you accept and base your life on this truth. What happens when you view love as an emotion? You give and receive love by how you’re feeling at the moment.

Love, according to 1 Corinthians 13, never changes or fails. This cannot be said for emotions because emotions can change minute by minute. Emotions are great and have their place but they were never meant to be decision makers. If you read the Bible and live your Christian faith from this view point of the “Emotion of Love” rather than the “Covenant of Love” then you need to change your verbiage from Christian faith to Christian emotion. If you live your life based upon your feelings, any decision you make will become the wrong decision when you’re in a different mood. When you look at the state of society today it is very obvious that there is much more emotion involved in people’s decision making than faith.

When you choose to walk in love, you choose to act lovingly toward others in spite of how you feel about them. This is what God chose to do when He sent Jesus to die for the redemption of mankind. Even though He wasn’t emotionally pleased with humanity, He allowed love to make His decision, not His feelings…how amazing! If you’re struggling with weak and unstable faith, ask yourself what it’s rooted in, the love of God or your emotional idea of what love is.

Love and Blessings,
Pastor Jeff

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