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PJC again proven a great bargain with new ranking




Paris Junior College has achieved another top ranking that demonstrates it is one of the best value institutions of higher education in the State of Texas.

            PJC comes in second on a Community College Review list comprised of over 100 private and public community colleges in Texas ranking the average amount of debt its graduates accrue during the span of their college careers. Community College Review is a website providing free, detailed profiles of community colleges across the nation. It also allows users to compare colleges within their state and learn more about how community colleges work.

            According to the site, the average debt for community college graduates in Texas is around $9,500. Public community colleges fare slightly better, with students racking up approximately $9,355 of debt in comparison to their private college counterparts, who owe an average of $14,233 upon graduation. 

            Paris Junior College graduates average $4,500 in debt, significantly lower than both the state average and the public community college category average. Only Laredo College surpassed PJC for lower debt, and PJC students end up burdened with far less debt than from any community college in the surrounding region.

            “This ranking demonstrates how PJC has been careful to control costs while offering competitive degrees that provide economic mobility for our graduates,” said PJC President Dr. Pam Anglin. “With even greater uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, PJC will continue to provide great value to students who want to gain skills and training for better careers.”

            Community college classes are more affordable than four-year college or university classes, so students can have more money at their disposal from their financial aid refunds. These funds can help alleviate the financial burden of college related expenses such as books, transportation, childcare, program and testing fees, room and board and other financial obligations. 

            Starting off at a community college or pursuing one of the in-demand, well-compensated associate degrees or certificates gives students the opportunity to enter the workforce sooner and improve their financial situation.

            To get started at PJC today, prospective students should reach out to pjcadmissions@parisjc.edu or call 903-782-0425.

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