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SSISD School Board Approves Personnel Changes and More at June 22nd, 2020 Meeting




A special meeting/strategic planning work session of the Sulphur Springs ISD school board was held on Monday, June 22, 2020.


No one requested to address the Board during Public Forum.


Lucas Janda with Live Oak Public Finance presented information to the Board re: the

2020-2021 tax rate process.

Josh Williams informed the Board about the district applying for CARES Act Funding.



Adriana Barrientos                     ESL Aide                                                          Middle School

Jennifer Morales                                    SpEd Aide                                                        Middle School

Kristen Waldon                          Gr 6 World History Teacher                                Middle School

Kristov Martinez                                    Math Teacher/Coach                                          High School
Katelyn Webster                                    Math Teacher/Coach                                          High School


New Personnel

Christi Hartsell                           Innovative Learning Design Specialist                 Administration

Pamela Voss                            Secondary ELAR/Social Studies Coordinator      Administration

Jennifer Spencer                                   Speech Language Pathologist                           Special Services

Alexa Roush                             Pre-Kindergarten Teacher                                   Douglass ECLC

Angela France                           Kindergarten ELAR Teacher                               Bowie Primary

Jessica Arnold                          SpEd Aide                                                        Middle School

Kelcie Adams                            ESL Aide                                                          Middle School

Jane Claypool                           At Risk Aide                                                      Middle School

Jill Crump                                 Grade 6 ELAR Teacher                                      Middle School

Karen Jolly                                SpEd ELAR Teacher                                          Middle School

Brynn Offutt                              SpEd Aide                                                        Middle School

Alysia White                              Grade 6 Math Teacher                                        Middle School

Jennifer White                           Grade 7 ELAR Teacher                                      Middle School

Jacob Sexton                           Spanish Teacher/Coach                                     High School


Personnel Changes      New position/campus                           Former position/campus

Tiffany Spigner             Instructional Aide/SS Elementary                        Instructional Aide/Austin Acad. Ctr.

Ashanti Ivery                 PE & Girl’s Coach/Middle School                       SpEd Aide/Middle School

Karina Perez                  Grade 6 ELAR Teacher/Middle School    Academic Secretary/Travis Primary

Ashlee Wells                 Grade 6 History Teacher/Middle School  Grade 6 ELAR Teacher/Middle School

Elmer Moreno               Math Teacher & Coach/High School       Grade 6 Math Teacher/Middle School



Mandy Fenton, John Bimmerle, Kristin Monk, and Josh Williams presented 4 of the 5 strategies that committees made up of educators, students, and community members developed during the early spring.  These strategies are in draft form and the final strategic plan will be presented to the Board at a later time to be formally approved.

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