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Relay For Life Survivors Parade Scheduled for Friday




From Relay for Life:

Things are ever changing due to Covid-19, and the Relay For Life Event Leadership Team has made changes this year to keep our community and survivors safe. While I am sad that we will not have our normal event this year, I am excited that we have been able to collaborate with the city to come up with a plan to honor our cancer survivors in the community!!

We will still have our event on June 12th, but we will not have our normal survivor lap and booths set up. We’ve decided to go with a survivor “parade” at Buford Park in Sulphur Springs.   Buford Park is located on the corner of N League Street and Connally Street. 

We will have survivors in their personal vehicles line up in the visitor’s parking of Gerald Prim Stadium at 7:00 p.m. using the north entrance on Houston Street.  (There will be a horse show using the home parking)

Starting at 7:30, survivors will proceed down Buford Circle and turn left on Connally following the purple arrows on the map attached.

Survivors are encouraged to decorate your car and/or put a sign with your name on it.  Wear purple or an old Survivor t-shirt.  

We will still have our luminary bags in honor or in memory of those affected by cancer! The bags will line Connally Street on the parade route.  If you haven’t bought a luminary bag and would like one, you can call Gina at 903-573-2064. Luminary bags are $5.00 or three for $10.00 this year.  

We are asking our community to come together to make this special for our area cancer survivors. We would love Relay teams and members of the community to make signs/noise makers, wear purple and line the parade route in Buford Park where you see purple arrows. 

We’d like to have the streets as full as possible while still maintaining social distancing.

We will also have a silent auction online this year! We have some amazing items to auction off.  More details to come on the silent auction, but the plan is to start the Silent Auction on Monday, June 15th.  

We are so sorry for the many changes this year, but we are trying to adapt to the situation while still honoring our survivors. We appreciate your understanding.

Central Baptist Church has graciously given us permission to park in their parking lots.  Community members are asked to please park in the green checked areas of the map, along the street on the south side of Buford Circle or along the street on League St. 

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