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Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for May 26th, 2020




Tuesday, May 26
“The chief priests accused Him of many things. So again Pilate asked Him, ‘Aren’t You going to answer? See how many things they are accusing You of.’ But Jesus still made no reply and Pilate was amazed.” – Mark 15:3-5
I personally have a hard time not proving my case when someone falsely accuses me. I can think of a time where I had a busy week at a job. I was fulfilled, excited, and celebrating how wonderfully every day had gone. Due to a meeting, I made it to my workplace a little later than normal. As I walked in to greet everyone, I noticed a warm welcome was not coming my way from a few coworkers. A couple even made comments that questioned my integrity. To be honest, one thing that can offend me easily is when someone questions my integrity. Integrity is very important to me.
Prior to this encounter, I would have easily allowed myself to make this a big deal. I could have gossiped about my coworkers, given them dirty looks, etc. Instead, I did something that was easier said than done. I prayed.
The scripture above really speaks to me about situations like this. Jesus stood before a council of religious, hypocritical, jealous men. These men threw out false accusations about Jesus. As Pilate heard from people incorrectly claiming what Jesus said, he marveled that not one time the Son of God defended His character. Instead, Christ displayed a new approach to opposition. He was humble. Fast-forward to Jesus dying on the cross and we even see one of the Roman soldiers who abused Him stating, “Truly this man was the Son of God!” (Mark 15:39).
Beloved, Jesus did not need to prove His intentions to those around Him and neither do we. Humility is an upside-down representation of what the world teaches us. Humility is sometimes sacrificing what we want to do for the sake of others. Humility not only teaches us, but also the ones we are humble towards. If we walk in integrity, there is no reason in having to prove ourselves. If we uphold our integrity with a combination of humility, we can be unshakeable in the valleys of opposition. Jesus delivers His perfect strength in our moments of weakness. He helps us love others when we do not think they deserve it. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus. He is our source and model of humility.
Pastor Hunter

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