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Hopkins County Courthouse Annex Open To The Public




As of today, the Hopkins County Courthouse Annex is open to the public.

The Justice of the Peace offices are open for walk-in customers. If you should have business with either JP office, you are welcome to come inside the building. Social distancing and the use of proper personal protective equipment is encouraged while we endure this pandemic that is still upon us.

Visitors are asked be mindful of personal space as well as your own health. If you have had a recent fever, shortness of breath, body aches, a cough of any sort, or other symptoms or signs of influenza, COVID-19, or other illnesses please stay home and do not come into the Courthouse Annex. The public is asked to be mindful of the six-foot rule of keeping at least a six-foot space between you and others.

As per the Texas Supreme Court Orders and advisement from the Office of Court Administration, the courts will not schedule any non-essential court hearings until after June 1st.
The court will accept filings, but cases will not be scheduled and the Constables will not serve any papers that pertain to non-essential hearings until after June 1st.

The June 1st date is currently tentatively awaiting further direction from the Texas Supreme Court and Office of Court Administration.

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