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Sulphur Springs ISD School Board Approves Personnel Changes




A regular meeting of the Sulphur Springs ISD school board was held on Monday, May 11, 2020, via Zoom. The following personnel changes were approved:


Ashley Holt                              Behavior Specialist/LSSP                   Special Services

Kimberly Williams                   Speech Pathologist                             Special Services

Heather Friddle                       Head Start 4 Teacher                         Douglass ECLC

Rhonda Orren                         Academic Specialist                           Barbara Bush Primary

Jennifer Price                         Kindergarten Math/Science Teacher Barbara Bush Primary

Christina Shadix                      SpEd Teacher                                     Travis Primary

Kendra Fisher                         Gr 5 Math/Science Teacher               SS Elementary

Stephanie Ross                       Gr 5 Math/Science Teacher               SS Elementary

Amy Tiemeyer                                    Library Aide                                         SS Elementary

Antonio Ruggiero                    Gr 7 English Teacher                          Middle School

Chris Valdovinos                     History Teacher/Coach                      High School

Cameron Warren                    Health Teacher/Coach                       High School


New Personnel

Ivy Gilbreath                           SpEd Teacher                                     Douglass ECLC

Jasmine Mejia                         Gr 5 Math/Science Teacher               SS Elementary

Julie Silman                            Instructional Interventionist                 SS Elementary

Teresa Sweely                        Library Aide                                         SS Elementary

Ira Franklin                              P.E. Teacher/Coach                           High School

Amanda Hutchings                 HSTE Teacher                                    High School

Kendall Mathis                        World Geography Teacher/Coach     High School

Melissa Hastings                     SpEd Aide                                           Connections


Personnel Changes              New position/campus                      Former position/campus

Joe Boedigheimer                   Academic Spec/Barbara Bush           Innovative Learning Spec/MS

Kimberly Gideon                     Dyslexia Therapist/Barbara Bush       Grade 1 Math & Sci/B Bush

Kourtney McDonald                Title I Aide/Barbara Bush                    SpEd Aide/Barbara Bush

Lindsay McCoy                       Dyslexia Therapist/Bowie                   Grade 1 ELAR & SS/Bowie

Dustin Morgan                                    Academic Spec/Lamar                       Math Teacher/Middle School

Jennifer Grubbs                      Grade 5 Math & Sci/SSES                 Instructional Aide/SSES

Jessica Gilbert                        SpEd Teacher/Middle School             Grade 4 ELAR/SSES

Janelsa Orozco                       Gr 8 ELAR/Middle School                  SpEd Teacher/Middle School

Alyssa Butler                           Innovative Learning Design Spec/      English Teacher/High School

                                                High School

Hannah Carrington                 SpEd Teacher/High School                Grade 1 Teacher/B Bush

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