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Guaranty Bank & Trust Gives $10,000 Donation to Feeding Our Own



Brad Thomas and Brandon Williams of Guaranty Bank & Trust presents a $10,000 donation to Dinh Tran, Shane McCormick, and Carmen Crouse of Feeding Our Own.


Guaranty Bank & Trust donated $10,000 to Feeding Our Own today. Feeding Our Own is a program started by Dinh Tran that is serving lunch to almost 350 kids daily at Pacific Park in Sulphur Springs while schools are closed.

Guaranty Bank & Trust President Brad Thomas said, “Dinh is filling a real and immediate need in Sulphur Springs. A large amount of children in this town must rely solely on the school meal plan as their source of a complete meal for the day. With schools being closed for an extended duration and many parents struggling for work due to current stay at home restrictions, we at Guaranty Bank & Trust are proud to be able to support a hometown her such as Dinh and everyone who has assited him with Feeding Our Own.”

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