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SSHS Court Systems and Practices Students Conduct Mock Trial



Court Systems Class Trial attorneys and judges:
L to R (Front Row): Daniela Gomez, Jessica Gutierrez, Ana Cotez, Brian Osornio, Courtney Frazier, Sable Erdmier, Jackie Olivo, Cynthia Salas, Riley Brantly, Detrick Clayton
L to R (Back Row): Patrick Owens, Ella Moore, Katy Scott, Mrs. Robinson, Maci Shelton, Sara Nunez, Briseyda Rodriguez, Suleimy Arana


On Thursday, February 28th, a Mock Trial was conducted by SSHS Court Systems and Practices students. The mock trial was the cumulation of a Project Based Learning assignment between the Forensics Sciences classes and the Court Systems and Practices class. Ms. Caroline Kenealy and Mr. Mike Meador set up a crime scene for their classes in which their students had to analyze a crime scene, collect evidence (fingerpring ID, hair and document analysis), and determine the culprit. Students had to examine glass, bullet casings, as well as other forms of evidence. Once the perpetrator was determined, the case was turned over to the Court Systems & Practices class, instructor Demetra Robinson to prepare the case for trial.

Ms. Robinson’s Court Systems & Practices class was divided into two teams prosecution and defense. Each team had the responsibility of examining evidence, interviewing witnesses, creating direct and cross examination questions, along with opening and closing statements. The mock trial was conducted entirely by students. Court Systems students acted as attorneys, with one acting as bailiff. Forensic Science students acted police officers, defendants, lay and expert witnesses. Sable Erdmier, a Practicum in Law student acted as judge.

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