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Sulphur Springs City Manager’s Report for January 2020




WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT – Construction is complete with the exception of sowing grass seed which is ongoing. For all intents and purposes this project is complete. Budget for the project was $18,800,000. We expect total expenditures on the project to come in at $18,400,000. This project is finishing on-time and under-budget.

GRAY’S BUILDING – We have a set of plans for the Gray’s building. We will now have a professional estimator produce a probable cost for the project.



WOODBRIDGE – The Capital Construction Division is currently repairing a drainage/street issue in the Woodbridge addition. The Woodbridge Homeowners association is paying $46,125 to replace the drainage structure between the two ponds. Reconstruction of the concrete street between the two ponds is the city’s responsibility.
That should cost approximately $55,000 including construction of the temporary road. We may also do some additional reconstruction in Woodbridge while we have the benefit of a temporary road.

BELLVIEW STREET – The Bellview project has begun. Installation of sewer mains is complete. Installation of water mains will not begin until we finish at Woodbridge.

CONNALLY STREET – The actual street is completed, and open to the public. The Capital Construction Division will finish construction of sidewalks, driveway approaches and cross-street connections within 60 days.

CLAIMS – We received one liability claim in December for damages to a vehicle allegedly caused by a pothole. We submitted a claim to TML and the claim was denied.
We had two workers compensation claims in December. One was fairly serious. A wastewater treatment plant employee was injured when a sealed bucket containing chlorine and wastewater exploded in his face. He suffered burns and scratches to his eyes and was transported by air to the Parkland burn unit. Thankfully none of the injuries
were permanent and the employee returned to full duty after 11 days. I have directed the Utilities Director to increase safety training.


Elsewhere around the city, employees:
• Responded to 178 calls for Animal Control.
• Achieved an adoption rate of 59% at the Animal Shelter.
• Made 4 felony arrests in the Special Crimes Unit.
• Responded to 55 accidents, recorded 51 offenses, wrote 559 citations, and made
64 arrests on the Patrol Division.
• Removed underbrush in Coleman Park along Reservoir Street.
• Removed leaves from athletic fields at Coleman Park.
• Checked out 2,328 items from the Municipal Library and an additional 750
• Assisted 831 computer users at the library.

• Installed crosswalk lighting at the post office and Alliance Bank.
• Achieved a monthly average total suspended solids reading of .51 mg/L at the
wastewater treatment plant, our lowest reading ever!
• Repaired 15 water main ruptures.
• Replaced 14 water meters.
• Repaired 2 out-of-service fire hydrants, and installed a new one.
• Unstopped 29 sewer mains.
• Repaired 2 sewer mains.
• Shut down Cooper Lake raw water pumps while the North Texas Municipal Water
District tested their electrical controls.
• Flushed 36 dead end water mains.
• Treated 132 million gallons of potable water.
• Made 4 street repairs following utility repairs.
• Installed speed limit signs on Connally Street.
• Placed and removed barriers for the Lions Club Christmas Parade.
• Hauled street sweeper spoils to the landfill.
• Responded to 187 fire/rescue calls including 4 structure fires, 2 vehicle fires and
13 grass fires.
• Conducted 40 fire inspections and reviewed 40 pre-fire plans.
• Performed preventative maintenance on 70 fire hydrants.
• Conducted 36 building inspections, 26 electrical inspections, 23 plumbing
inspections, 5 mechanical inspections and issued 19 building permits.
• Sold 2,277 gallons of AvGas and 10,813 Gallons of JetA.
• Assisted local organizations with planning the Lions Club Christmas Parade and
the Main Street Christmas Market.


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