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Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for January 9th, 2020




Thursday, January 9

Genesis 3:12
The man said, “The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate.”

Pride. It’s the original sin, the very thing that the enemy appealed to when he tempted Adam and Eve. C.S Lewis called it spiritual cancer. All the serpent had to do was make mankind think that they were being held to less than what they deserved. After all, a truly good God would never make His children settle for less than what He had. When the Lord found them in the garden, Adam even went far as to blame God for his own shortcoming. Most people think that he blamed the woman but if you’ll read the text properly Adam said “The woman ‘You’ gave to be with me…” In other words, “God, I was fine until you had to go and give me this ‘helper’.” It’s kind of amusing that he didn’t complain the first time he laid eyes on her, but as soon as something went wrong it was all God’s fault. Those who want to walk closely with the Lord must come to a place of casting away pride and be willing to take ownership of their shortcomings. Accountability requires humility. You must be willing to recognize that the blame lies with you in order to receive spiritual reconciliation. He’s already taken care of the sin, all you have to do is be humble enough to repent and receive His grace to cover it. Don’t let pride keep you from experiencing a life of fullness and victory. – Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff


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