Home Local News Cumby City Calls for Special Election to Fill Alderman Place 2 Vacancy.

Cumby City Calls for Special Election to Fill Alderman Place 2 Vacancy.




At last night’s Cumby City Council meeting, Audri Mayo resigned as Alderman for Place 2 on the council. The council also approved a special election for May 2020 to fill the vacancy.

At a special session of the Cumby City Council on August 27th, 2019 the Cumby City Council accepted the resignations of Alderman Kristin Thompson and Mayor Cody Talley. According to the Texas Local Code of Government 22.010 (d), “If two or more vacancies on the governing body exist at the same time, a special election shall be ordered to fill the vacancies.” By this definition, the Cumby City Council was legally obligated to call for a special election to fill the position that was vacated by the resignation of Thompson. Instead, the council appointed Mayo to the vacant position at a special meeting in September. The position of Mayor vacated by Talley was already scheduled to be on the ballot in the regular election and did not require special measures.

Mayo’s resignation and the council’s approval of a special election follows a report by FrontPorchNewsTexas.com last month disputing the legitimacy of her appointment.

You can read  the original article at the link below:

In a Questionable Move, City of Cumby Appoints New Council Member at Special Session on Saturday. Code Requires a Special Election to Fill Position.





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