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Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for September 25th, 2019




Wednesday, September 25

Luke 24:19
“See my hands and my feet, that it is I myself. Touch me, and see. For a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have.”

Have you ever payed attention the fact that Jesus said He was flesh and bone rather than flesh and blood in this passage? If you’ll dig into what happened previously on that resurrection Sunday you’ll understand why. When Jesus appeared to His followers that evening He had just returned directly from Heaven where He had presented Himself to the Father as the sufficient sacrifice for the sins of man. What this meant was that He had to apply His own blood to the mercy seat in Heaven’s Holy of Holies. Upon doing so, the wrath of God was satisfied and the door to Heaven was opened wide for all who would choose to believe in Him. So He truly was flesh and bone. His broken body had left a trail of blood from His time of consecration in the garden of Gethsemane, to the cross, to the mercy seat in Heaven. Not one drop was given up haphazardly or without purpose. His sinless, perfect blood has been applied to your life and you have direct access to the Throne because of it. So, what began in a manger in Bethlehem ended with sin’s dominion over you being destroyed once and for all. – Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff

Who are you bringing? In two weeks TWBC will begin hosting three Sunday morning services in order to make room for you to bring your family, friends and co-workers who need to experience the love and acceptance of Christ. So invite them to our 8:30, 10:00, or 11:30 service. We are making room for them.





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