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Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for June 8th, 2019



Saturday, June 8th

Genesis 2:14b
…and the fourth river is the Euphrates.

Of all of the four rivers listed in Genesis 2, the Euphrates is the most important. Euphrates is translated ‘fruitfulness’. If there is one thing that the world needs today, it’s Christians who are fruitful. Not gift-ful, powerful, or always having a mouthful, but believers whose actions are louder than their speech. The Euphrates, as with the other rivers, was fed by and flowed from God Himself. Someone who claims to have the Holy Spirit in operation in their lives should bear as much fruit as they have words to speak. The fruit you bear is what gives weight the words that come out your mouth. The people you work with will know the kind of person your are without you having to say a word. The damage to yourself and more importantly to the Kingdom that occurs when you talk one lifestyle and live another is very difficult to repair. The world is full of people who don’t see any difference in the lifestyle of believers than they do their own except for the way they talk. They are just as selfish, short tempered, back stabbing and unloving as the average person the non-believer encounters daily. If the fruit of the Spirit is not evident in your life, you really need to think before you begin to preach at someone about their life. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you live so loudly that your words will carry the weight that they should. If He can use your actions, He will empower your words. – Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff

This Saturday, June 8th at 7pm at TWBC is our monthly Upper Room service. This is a time of worship and intimacy spent in the presence of the Holy Spirit. You can expect to receive a fresh infilling and anointing as we seek Him together as the Body of Christ. He never fails to show up and pour His Spirit out on those who come. Make plans to be a part of this opportunity to experience the Lord move in your life.





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