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Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for May 7th, 2019




Tuesday, May 7th

Matthew 28:19-20  (The Passion Translation)

19 “Now go in my authority and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 20 And teach them to faithfully follow all that I have commanded you. And never forget that I am with you every day, even to the completion of this age.”

Discipleship.  For most Christians, it has become a lost art.  Most people who claim to be believers don’t what it means to disciple someone.  This is not their fault alone because in most cases they were never discipled themselves.  Today’s text makes it very clear, that those who claim to follow Christ are to make disciples, not simply converts. Some may have gone through a program or class offered through their church but discipleship is meant to be relational not downloaded.  If you’ll look at the ministry of Jesus, He had disciples who were with Him almost constantly but He also had those who came to hear Him speak and then went back to their everyday lives.  Discipleship requires a great deal of commitment and submission from both parties involved.  It involves walking through life together and allowing an apprenticeship of sorts to occur.  The one who disciples must be at a place in their walk in which they are able teach the one being discipled what a life that seeks after Christ really looks like.  You maybe in a place in your life where you feel like you need to be discipled or you may be ready to begin pouring into someone else’s life.  Either way, to experience Christian life to the fullest requires relationships that are committed and deep.  Ask God who He has put in your life that you can help grow and who He’s put in your life to help grow you. – Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff 

Transformation GroupLife begins Sunday, May 19th @ 5pm at TWBC.  If you’re needing to be set free in any area of your life, whether it be from addictions to unforgiveness, Transformation Group is for you.  You can get more info or sign up by calling the TWBC office at 903 438-2363.  You can also sign up using the the TWBC app or Website.




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