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CHRISTUS Health Back in Cigna’s Network




CHRISTUS Health is pleased to have reached an agreement that restores CHRISTUS providers, hospitals and other facilities and services to Cigna’s commercial network in Texas and Louisiana. This agreement with Cigna ensures that our communities will continue to have access to the high quality care and advanced and specialty services CHRISTUS facilities and services provide.

Our hospitals and providers are in-network caregivers for Cigna today, and will remain in network moving forward. Our in-network status will be restored retroactively to the date our contracts ended, which will vary by facility. For more information on those dates, please see the chart below. Claims that have been processed as out-of-network since then will be reprocessed as in-network at a lower cost to Cigna customers.

CHRISTUS is in the process of reaching out to Cigna members who visited a CHRISTUS facility or caregiver while the system was out of network to discuss the process for paying and adjusting their bill. Patients with questions are welcome to call the number for their facility listed on the chart below.

Customers can also call Cigna’s customer service line at 1-800-244-6224 if they have questions or need assistance.Thank you all for your support during this negotiation. We look forward to a positive relationship with Cigna, and are thankful to have a resolution that allows us to continue to care for our neighbors and friends close to home.




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