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Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for March 21st, 2019



Thursday, March 21

Don’t for forget to join us for Lunch on the Lawn this Sunday!

John 2:7

7. Jesus said to the helpers, “Fill the jars with water.” They filled them to the top.

From Sunday’s message, Pastor Joel talked about common signs and how we can miss them every day. What is God wanting to say to us with everyday signs that we see, in the word, in our homes, at our jobs etc. in verse 7, it says Fill the jars with water and they filled them to the top. The jars were completely empty as sometime in our lives we can be completely empty. What have we run out of that God can fill? Pastor Joel spent a lot of time talking about marriages and how we may be running empty on that and need to be filled back up. I thank God that not only can he fill the void in our lives but also fill it all the way up as the text says, they filled the jars up to the top. These were not small jars as they were around 20-30 gallons of water each. What I love about this comparison is there isn’t a problem or a void that’s too big that God can’t fill. I looked at my marriage and said, what signs am I missing that are so common? Every day I should intentionally chase after my wife as I did when we were dating, sit and listen to her as I did before. 21 years of marriage doesn’t mean that she now is common to me, NO, I need to pursue her just as much as Jesus pursues the Church. He is the only one that can fill you up to the top.

God bless you and I am so excited to spend time with you for Lunch on the Lawn.

Pastor Derrick.






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