Home Local News Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for February 9th, 2019

Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for February 9th, 2019




Saturday, February 9th

Ephesians 5:31-33 (The Passion Translation)
31 For this reason a man is to leave his father and his mother and lovingly hold to his wife, since the two have become joined as one flesh. 32 Marriage is the beautiful design of the Almighty, a great and sacred mystery—meant to be a vivid example of Christ and his church. 33 So every married man should be gracious to his wife just as he is gracious to himself. And every wife should be tenderly devoted to her husband.

It would be a severe understatement to say that marriages today are under constant attack. From, the mindset that fidelity is what a couple chooses for it to be, to the idea that it involves anything other than one man and one woman, the marriage covenant has been reduced to a simple contract of convenience. The reason why Biblical marriage so despised by the enemy is the fact that it is meant to be an earthly example of the relationship between Jesus and His Church. He knows that if he can skew and cloud the beauty of what a God ordained marriage is supposed to look like, He can keep people from seeing the love and intimacy He wants to have with His bride. When people get a perverted and warped view of marriage they get the same picture of the relationship Christ wants with them. The Church needs to get this figured out. Believers are to give themselves as faithfully to Him as He did for them. He longs to be in an intimate working relationship with you that is a shining example of His love and goodness. Let Him be a loving provider of all things good in your life today. – Love and Blessings – Pastor Jeff





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