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SSHS Wildcat UIL Academic Team Takes Home Top Honors at the Mt. Pleasant Winter Invitational Meet




The SSHS Wildcat UIL Academic Team had a busy week starting this past weekend with a victory at the Mt. Pleasant Winter Invitational meet. Also, the Wildcat CX Debate Teams competed at District UIL competition on Tuesday. Complete results are below.


District UIL CX Debate – SSHS Wildcat Cross-Examination Debate Teams competed at the District CX Debate meet this week at First Baptist Church in Mt. Pleasant, TX. While no teams advanced to the state meet, we are extremely proud of their efforts this year. The 2019 SSHS CX Debate Teams include seniors Felipe Albaand Dakota Soles, juniors James Draper and Matthew Robinson, and sophomores Mariam Tran and Kimberly Wheatcraft. CX Debate is coached by Josh Williams.


Mt. Pleasant High SchoolWinter UIL Invitational Meet

Congratulations to the SSHS Wildcat UIL Academic Teamwho travelled to Mt. Pleasant this past weekend,January 25 – 26. As a team, our Wildcat UILers earned 472 points and won first place overall at the MPHS Winter Invitational. Congratulations to the following students and teams who brought home awards in their events.


Ready Writing Annmarie Gunn 1stPlace
(Gail Herman – Coach) Bracken Sant 2nd Place
Breana Wooten 3rd Place
Computer Science Dakota Soles 1st Place
(Matt Wilder – Coach) Kevin Orozco 2nd Place
Blake Talmage 3rd Place
Andrew Westlund 4th Place
Alex Post 5th Place
Team (Soles, Orozco, Talmage) 1st Place Team
CX Debate Felipe Alba 5th Place
(Josh Williams – Coach)  
LD Debate Rhett Reid 3rd Place
(Josh Williams – Coach)  
Current Events Brandon Hodges 1st Place
(Madison Millsap – Coach) Dakota Soles 4th Place
James Draper 6th Place
Team (Hodges, Soles, Draper) 2nd Place Team
Prose Interpretation Rachel Bramlett 1st Place
(Lesha Woodard – Coach) Hannah Shultz 5th Place
Accounting Caleb Yanez 2nd Place
(Paula Hass – Coach) Daniel Soto 3rd Place
Number Sense Andrew Westlund 1st Place Overall
(Gerald Grafton – Coach) 1st Place 11th Grade
  Bracken Sant 4th Place Overall
  3rd Place 11th Grade
  Crystal Flores 3rd Place 10th Grade
  Team (Westlund, Sant, Flores) 2nd Place Team
Calculator Applications Carissa Carter 6th Place Overall
(Gerald Grafton – Coach) 4th Place (12th Grade)
  Kennedy Lee 3rd Place (11th Grade)
  Isaac Gutierrez 4th Place (11th Grade)
  Team (Carter, Lee, Gutierrez) 3rd Place Team
Mathematics Andrew Westlund 5th Place (11th Grade)
(Gerald Grafton – Coach) Bracken Sant 6th Place (11th Grade)
  Crystal Flores 3rd Place (10th Grade)
  Team (Westlund, Sant, Ivory Liu) 3rd Place Team
Science Andrew Westlund 3rd Place (11th Grade)
(Steven Allemang – Coach) Jasmin Vargas 6th Place (10th Grade)
  Dylane Flies 6th Place (9th Grade)
  Team (Westlund, Nick Porter, Kelley Bates) 3rd Place Team
Spelling and Vocabulary Dawson Carpenter 2nd Place
(Gail Herman – Coach) Mariam Tran 3rd Place
Gisselle Garcia 4th Place
  Team – (Carpenter, Tran, Garcia) 1st Place Team
Literary Criticism Carissa Carter 1st Place
(Gail Herman – Coach) Andrew Westlund 2nd Place
  Lainey Whittle 3rd Place
  Mariana Botello 5th Place
  Team –(Carter, Westlund, Whittle) 1st Place Team
Social Studies Brandon Hodges 2nd Place
(Madison Millsap – Coach)
Copy Editing Angela Brown 3rd Place
(Brandon Nelson – Coach) Mariana Botello 6th Place
News Writing Mariana Botello 1st Place
(Brandon Nelson – Coach) Angela Brown 3rd Place
  Weston Vasquez 5th Place
Editorial Writing Angela Brown 1st Place
(Brandon Nelson – Coach) Weston Vasquez 2nd Place
  Chris Yanez 4th Place
Feature Writing Angela Brown 1st Place
(Brandon Nelson – Coach) Mariana Botello 5th Place
Weston Vasquez 6th Place
Headline Writing Angela Brown 2nd Place
(Brandon Nelson – Coach) Weston Vasquez 5th Place
Journalism Team Brown, Vasquez, Botello, Yanez 1st Place Team





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