Home Local News Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for January 7th, 2019

Daily Devotional from The Way Bible Church for January 7th, 2019




Monday, January 7th

Galatians 1:3 (Passion Translation)
I pray over you a release of the blessings of God’s undeserved kindness and total well-being that flows from our Father – God and from the Lord Jesus.

So many times when people read the Bible they read quickly through what is commonly considered to be a mere greeting and miss the promise that is lying within. Paul began His letter to the Galatian church as well as many other churches, by saying ‘grace and peace’. In doing so, He wasn’t just trying to bid them a good day or greet them with a simple hello. He was reminding them that they were children of the most High God and that because of Jesus’ blood sacrifice that they could and should be experiencing life to the fullest measure. Too many times, believers settle for the scraps that life tends to offer them as opposed to grabbing hold of the promises that come from God’s endless grace that brings peace with Him. While life can and will bring its share of difficultly and trials, these things do not change the fact that the Kingdom and all of its benefits are open to those who would seek to obtain them. Your Father is not broke or stingy. He proved that by sending His Son. He has ample supply and He has given you complete and unhindered access to it. You honor the sacrifice He made by walking every blessing and promise that He died to make available to you. – Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff.





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